Florida Division of Administrative Hearings Reviewing Amendments to Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjudicatory Procedural Rules

Jun 25, 2010


The Florida Division of Administrative Hearings is reviewing existing procedural Rules for the adjudication of workers’ compensation claims in Florida.  Proposed amendments would conform the Rules to the most recent statutory changes, as well as to seek to incorporate changes that would serve improve the adjudicatory process based upon experience in utilizing the existing Rules.   

A preliminary draft of revisions to Rules in Chapter 60Q-6, entitled “Rules of Procedure for Workers’ Compensation Adjudications” can be viewed by clicking here.   Information on individual Rules is accessible through the hyperlinks below.

Sections 440.015 and 440.44(2), Florida Statutes require that the workers’ compensation system be efficient and self-executing, and that the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings assume an active and forceful role in achieving that goal.

60Q-6.101: Scope
60Q-6.102: Definitions
60Q-6.103: Pleadings and Proposed Orders
60Q-6.104: Representation and Appearance of Counsel
60Q-6.105: Commencing a Case; Subsequent Petitions
60Q-6.106: Consolidation and Venue
60Q-6.107: Amendment and Dismissal of Petition for Benefits
60Q-6.108: Filing and Service
60Q-6.109: Computation of Time
60Q-6.110: Mediation, Generally
60Q-6.111: Authority and Duties of Mediator
60Q-6.112: Disqualification of Mediator
60Q-6.113: Pretrial Procedure
60Q-6.114: Discovery
60Q-6.115: Motion Practice
60Q-6.116: Prosecution of Claim and Petition for Benefits
60Q-6.117: Emergency Conferences
60Q-6.118: Expedited Hearings
60Q-6.119: Abbreviated Final Orders
60Q-6.120: Summary Final Order
60Q-6.121: Evidence
60Q-6.122: Motion for Re-hearing and Amending or Vacating Order
60Q-6.123: Settlements under Section 440.20(11), Florida Statutes
60Q-6.124: Payment of Attorney’s Fees and Costs Other Than Pursuant to Section 440.20(11), Florida Statutes
60Q-6.125: Sanctions
60Q-6.126: Disqualification or Recusal of Judges
60Q-6.127: Procedure for Relief from Appellate Filing Fee and Costs
60Q-6.128: Destruction of Obsolete Records


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