Florida Citizens Property Insurance Seeking Independent Adjusters; Responses Due January 15, 2014

Dec 23, 2013


Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”) is seeking proposals from multiple vendors capable of providing independent adjusting services.  Vendors’ independent adjusters will be required to perform full adjustment services using Citizens’ Managed Claims Model as the primary service provided.

Specifically, Citizens is seeking claims handling resources to handle the requirements of a 1-in-100-year catastrophic event, as well as services for non-catastrophe claims.  To obtain the resources needed, Citizens intends to contract with multiple independent adjusting vendors that can provide qualified and licensed adjusters to perform full adjustment services using the Managed Claims Model.

Citizens’ stresses that its evaluation will strongly focus on the level of committed adjuster resources a vendor can provide.  However, the solicitation is also designed to consider the contribution that small adjusting vendors can make–especially Florida vendors.  Therefore, the evaluation will include a component for selection of small adjusting vendors as a portion of the total resources procured.

The complete solicitation (RFP 13-0014) and requirements are posted on Citizens’ Web site at http://www.citizensfla.com/about/purchasing-solicitations.cfm

All responses must to be submitted to Citizens at the below address by 2:30 p.m. on January 15, 2014.

Please refer to the solicitation documents for additional information and important dates, which can be found at the hyperlink above.

From the date this solicitation is issued, until a notice of recommended award, rejection of all proposals, or other decision is made, no contact related to the solicitation will be allowed between a vendor and any other party for the purpose of influencing the award, including any member of the Board of Governors or Citizens’ staff, with the exception of Citizens’ Procurement Officer or his/her designee.  Any unauthorized contact may disqualify a vendor from further consideration.

The contact information for this solicitation is:

Greg Bickford, Contracts Coordinator II
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
2101 Maryland Circle
Tallahassee, FL  32303

Telephone:  (850) 521-8308



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