Florida Citizens Property Insurance Chairman Lacasa Asks for Full Accounting Of Corporate Integrity Terminations, Related Internal Auditor’s Investigation

Nov 20, 2012


In a letter to Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”) President and CEO Barry Gilway sent today, November 20, 2012, Citizens Board of Governors (“Board”) Chairman Carlos Lacasa emphasized the need to restore public confidence in the State-run insurer as quickly as possible after controversy over the termination of its corporate integrity personnel.

Granting an extension of the scheduled November 27 Board Budget Workshop so that Mr. Gilway can provide a report and respond to questions, Chairman Lacasa requested that he present the Board with a full accounting of facts surrounding Citizens’ Office of Internal Auditor’s (“OIA”) related investigation, restructuring and personnel changes.

“I am particularly concerned by the questions raised regarding the timing of the changes made in OIA with respect to the investigation presented to the Audit Committee last week,” Chairman Lacasa wrote.

He specifically directed Mr. Gilway’s report to include:

  • The origin of the complaint and initiation of the investigation
  • A detailed chronology of the investigative process including the issuance of the draft and final report, and the role of various parties in conducting and finalizing the investigation
  • A timeline of all events surrounding OIA’s restructuring and the basis for the actions taken

The letter to Mr. Gilway is attached for review.


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