Florida Agents Group Hosting Agency Perpetuation Clinics

Oct 16, 2008

Insurance Journal--October 16, 2008

With one session down and two to go, the Florida Association of Insurance Agents is hosting a series of perpetuation clinics throughout Florida to aid agency owners in grappling with issues associated with agency continuation.

Sponsored by FAIA’s Young Agents Council, the events are directed at the independent agency member: young agents looking to become owners, owners looking to retire or perpetuate and owners looking to acquire other agencies.

The nuts and bolts sessions feature national consultants from Hales & Co., MarshBerry, Regan Consulting, and InsurBanc. Attendees will gain a thorough grounding in the agency continuation and perpetuation process.

The first session, held in Orlando on Oct. 8 and Oct. 9, featured Nabeel Tanveer, senior vice president for MarshBerry. Topics of discussion included merger and acquisition development, historical and prospective marketplace evaluation and pricing instructor options.

Upcoming sessions will be held at Ft. Lauderdale Nov. 12-13 and Destin Dec. 3-4.

The clinics provide opportunities for networking between buyers and sellers as well, enabling attendees to discuss their particular situations with either an expert, a potential buyer/seller or both.

Source: Florida Association of Insurance Agents