Committee on Health Quality Meeting Report

Dec 11, 2007

The Committee on Health Quality (“Committee”) met in Tallahassee, Florida during this week’s interim committee week. 

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Opening remarks were provided by Chairman Gayle Harrell (R- Port St. Lucie).  She noted that the Committee will be working with the Department of Health (“Department”) regarding legislation related to the Statewide Tobacco Education and Use Prevention Program (“Program”). 

The Committee will oversee $57 million that will be used for the Program. 

The Committee considered one bill, House Bill 153 by Representative Cusack (D- Deland) relating to HIV and AIDS Educational Requirements.  The bill passed with one technical amendment.

Deputy Secretary for Health, Kim Berfield, provided a brief summary of the Program activities, including an overview on its funding and expenditures.  Some of the activities highlighted include a media campaign via a contract with the Zimmerman Agency, regional training, a contract awarded to a related cancer center, community programs focused on prevention, and a future contract for surveillance and evaluation. 

Deputy Secretary Berfield also briefed the Committee on the activities of the Advisory Council and the Department’s rulemaking status as directed by statute.

During the discussion, Representatives Robina (R- Miami) and Holder (R-Sarasota) expressed their concerns regarding the contract procurement process.  They wanted to ensure that all interested parties have an opportunity to access funds.  Ms. Berfield explained the process for bidding and noted that the Department was following all of the statutory guidelines.  There was also discussion regarding whether the Advisory Council should have input in the bidding process.  It was noted that Council members could have conflicts with their roles as Council members and potential bidders, so they are not currently engaged in that role.  Chairman Harrell noted that the Committee may look to amend the statute that would give the Council a greater role in the procurement process. 

Representative Hayes (R-Umatilla) asked whether the education outreach would apply only to smoking or chewing tobacco also.  It was noted that all tobacco would be targeted.

Representative Gibson (D – Jacksonville) questioned Ms. Berfield about subcontracts.  Ms. Berfield stated that a subcontractor list can be provided if requested. 

Below is a list of the remaining agenda items that were considered during the meeting.

  • Discussion of potential revisions to laws regulating drugs, devices and cosmetics.
  • Presentation by the Agency for Health Care Administration regarding recommendations to revise the hospital Code 15 reporting system.
  • Presentation by the Agency for Health Care Administration regarding the status of the Health Information and Security Privacy Collaboration Project.
  • Discussion of local health information exchange efforts with the South Florida Health Information Initiative, the Palm Beach County Community Health Alliance, the North East Florida Regional Health Organization, and the Florida Association of Regional Health Information Organizations. 



The above material is intended to be a brief summary of the events and activities that took place during the meeting.  It is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the items contained therein.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact this office.