Comments on Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund 2015-2016 Reimbursement Contract, Premium Formula Due By May 6

Apr 20, 2015

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Above:  Colodny Fass Partner Sandy Fay notes Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Reimbursement Contract, Premium Formula Proposed Rules


The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund advised today, April 20, 2015, that it has proposed amendments to Rule 19-8.028, F.A.C., entitled “Reimbursement Premium Formula.”  If ultimately approved, the new Rule would adopt the 2015-2016 FHCF reimbursement premium formula for 2015-2016 FHCF Contract Year.  In addition, the amended Rule would make various editorial and grammatical corrections.

To access the proposed Rule markup, click here.

Also published today was proposed Rule 19-8.010, entitled “Reimbursement Contract,” which would adopt an amendment form to enable parties to the 2015-2016 FHCF Reimbursement Contract to correct a scrivener’s error in the definition of “retention multiple.”

To access the proposed Rule draft, click here.

Both proposed Rules are open for comment until May 6, 2015. 

Should you wish to provide input, please contact Sandy P. Fay of Colodny Fass at or +1 954 332 1762.



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