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May 5, 2009


I wanted to personally thank you for coming to the 2009 State of the Market Summit, which was co-hosted by my law firm.  On behalf of my firm and all co-hosts and sponsors, we hope that you found the Summit to be informative and worthy of your valuable time.

At the Summit, you indicated interest in receiving our firm’s e-mail updates.  On a daily basis, we issue a News Brief, providing links to articles, releases and other timely information important to the Florida insurance industry.  In addition, we have an insurance legislative and regulatory e-mail briefing service which provides specific information, as appropriate, pertaining to insurance legislative and regulatory matters.  This insurance legislative and regulatory e-mail briefing is provided as events transpire, usually on a daily basis and often multiple times during the day.

We would be happy to add you to these e-mail lists so that you can get a sense for the type, timeliness, and comprehensiveness of the materials which we send to our clients on an ongoing basis.   Normally, we add recipients to these lists for a short period of time, if they have expressed an interest in our firm and possibly becoming a client.

Obviously, we feel very strongly that these unique and timely e-mail briefings provide our clients with a significant advantage by having contemporaneous information crucial to their business operations.  We hope that you will agree with our assessment.   If you find the e-mail briefings to be timely, useful and informative, we would be happy to discuss with you an ongoing arrangement as a client so that you can continue to receive our e-mail briefings and enjoy the other benefits of working with our firm.

We will keep you on our e-mail list for approximately four weeks.  At the end of that period, please provide us with your feedback and any suggestions which you may have and contact me if you would like to discuss an ongoing arrangement.

Also included is access to summaries of insurance-related legislation that passed and failed during the 2009 Florida Regular Legislative Session prepared by Colodny Fass.  To view the summary of significant insurance-related legislation that passed during the Session, click here.  To view the summary of significant insurance-related legislation that failed during the Session, click here.


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Fred E. Karlinsky

Colodny Fass