Coastal Alabama Partnership to Host December 4, 2013 Wind Insurance Symposium in Mobile

Nov 25, 2013


The Coastal Alabama Partnership will hold a December 4, 2013 Wind Insurance Symposium in Mobile to review steps being taken to improve wind insurance premium rates across Coastal Alabama.  An announcement also will be made at the event about a program offering wind mitigation discounts of up to 60 percent starting next year.

Alabama law mandates discounts on wind insurance premiums for homes built or retrofitted to the FORTIFIED®  standards from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (“IIBHS”).  The standards present solutions for improving the quality of structures against natural hazards.  For more information about the FORTIFIED® standards, click here.

Symposium speakers will include:

  • Julie Rochman, President and CEO of the IIHBS, and Fred Malik, FORTIFIED® Program Manager, will discuss details of the FORTIFIED® program and its research lab “crash-testing” of homes
  • Charles Angel, Deputy Commissioner and Casualty Actuary for the Alabama Department of Insurance, will discuss the Strengthen Alabama Homes Mitigation Program that was created to assist homeowners in Mobile and Baldwin Counties with their wind mitigation efforts.
  • Matt Fuchs, Deputy Director of Resilience from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, will discuss the new Resilience Star pilot program. The Gulf Coast of Alabama is one of four areas chosen from across the country to participate.

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