Citizens Leaves Independents at the Altar

Feb 21, 2008

Claims Magazine–Feb. 20, 2008
By Eric Gilkey, Managing Editor

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Florida ’s largest insurer and government-funded insurer of last resort, has cancelled its request for proposals for claim administration services for daily claims.

In a posting on its web site, Citizens did not elaborate on the cancellation, but stated that the process would be re-bid with revised specifications. The RFP process was in regards to the adjustment, management, oversight and handling to conclusion of minor to severe property damage claims (property claims, sinkhole claims) or casualty claims incurred on policies issued by Citizens, which services shall be performed by a claim administration unit created and dedicated solely to adjusting and administering Citizens claims.

The unexpected move leaves many independents in the dark about what the next move will be, especially since the deadline to apply for a spot expired on Feb. 5, 2008. That means companies that went through a very extensive and comprehensive governmental application process, which Citizens stipulated must include required documents, a n elaborate firm overview, an adjusting firm contact information form and adjuster experience table, an overview of key personnel , quality control measures , financial i ntegrity report , and o ther information , have nothing to show for their efforts.

More information as it develops.