Charlie Crist Publishes Property Insurance Plan; Scott Campaign Responds

Sep 4, 2014


In an 11-page document released today, September 4, 2014, former Florida Governor Charlie Crist compared his record on Florida property insurance to that of current Governor Rick Scott, explaining that ” . . . Floridians are paying more money for less coverage.”

The document, entitled “Protecting Your Paycheck:  Charlie Crist’s Plan to Reverse Rick Scott’s Hikes to Property Insurance,” recaps a recent history of Florida’s issues relating to personal residential property insurance and outlines actions that Mr. Crist would take if he were to be elected as Governor once again.  These include:

  • Mandating that insurance companies pass along reinsurance savings to policyholders
  • The repeal of “anti-consumer” insurance-related laws enacted during the Scott Administration
  • A transparency requirement for all insurers, so that rates, coverage and market participation information is public
  • An expansion of the amount of coverage available to insurers from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund
  • Advocacy for a national catastrophe fund

To view the document, click here.

The Rick Scott campaign responded with the following statement:  “Charlie Crist has already tried the Obama playbook of bigger government and skyrocketing debt to deal with property insurance rates.  Unsurprisingly, Florida taxpayers were left on the hook for billions and homeowners were left with fewer options to protect their property.  Under Governor Scott, Florida has done the exact opposite, reforming and shrinking Citizens Insurance while giving consumers more choice and competition to protect their home.  Florida can’t afford four more years of Charlie Crist using President Obama’s playbook in Tallahassee.”

To view the complete Scott campaign response, click here.


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