Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Redesigns Web Sites for Coordination of Benefits, Medicare Second Payer Recovery

Jun 17, 2013


The federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (“CMS”) advised today, June 14, 2013, that it has redesigned and restructured its Coordination of Benefits and Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery sections on the Medicare tab.  

As part of this restructuring, all pertinent information from the Web site has been incorporated into this new design and Web page links have changed.

The following hyperlinks indicate Web shortcuts that have been created for each of the new sections:

      CMS provides the ability for automatic notifications when changes are made to the Coordination of Benefits and Recovery Overview Web pages.  To sign up, click the Receive E-mail Updates link at the bottom righthand corner of the page here.  (These same announcements will also be posted to the “What’s New” page of the corresponding Web pages.)


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