Capitol to Courthouse Headliners: Monday, October 20

Oct 20, 2008

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Allstate lawsuit charges 17 car accidents were staged

Allstate is suing more than 70 companies and individuals in Miami-Dade County for allegedly staging 17 car accidents and filing insurance claims for them.

FEMA flood maps leave homeowners scrambling for coverage

New flood maps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency have pulled thousands of Lee County properties into flood zones, forcing owners to purchase flood insurance.

Shorelines risk floods as sea rises

Rising sea levels could swamp shorelines of the St. Johns and Nassau rivers within a couple of decades, according to Florida State University researchers.

Eli Lehrer: Florida, nation need federal insurance regulator

Much of the turmoil in America’s financial markets involves exotic investments that most Americans never have heard of and never will get near. However, with that turmoil now spreading to the insurance sector and, in particular, the AIG Group – the world’s largest insurance company – it’s time to look at what the consequences could be for Florida’s own troubled property insurance market.

FAIA: State Creating Own Financial Disaster

The similarity of our national economic meltdown to the property insurance crisis poised to occur within Florida’s economy should serve as a wake-up call to us all. Our state stands among the leaders of a motley pack suffering the ill effects of an overheated real estate market. But we stand alone in our potential to add to this economic misery due to the collapse of an artificial property insurance market crafted by the hand of government.

District 2 incumbent in Florida House airs goals

Incumbent Dave Murzin is seeking re-election as state representative for the House District 2 seat in the Nov. 4 general election.

Dems eyeing horse race for House

Florida’s Democratic Party has its eyes in the District 5 seat as John McDaniel squares off against Republican Brad Drake

For eight years, state Rep. Don Brown kept District 5 securely in Republican hands.


Andy Gardiner has been a Republican state representative since 2000. His Democratic opponent, Darius L. Davis, is making his first run for public office. Each wants to replace state Sen. Dan Webster, R-Winter Garden, who held the District 9 seat for the past 10 years.

Candidates vie for Florida Senate District 17

For the first time since joining the state Senate, JD Alexander, R-Lake Wales, is going up against another name on the ballot.


Insurance agent Pat Patterson, 60, has held the state House District 26 seat for most of the past 10 years. In November, voters will decide whether to stick with what they know or trade him for a political newcomer, former newspaper reporter Barry Flynn, 62.

Activist, commissioner vie for state House seat

Both independent candidate Maureen Monahan and Democrat Dwayne Taylor claim to have the support of the people in their run for state representative in District 27. But the candidates themselves couldn’t be more different.


The race for state House District 33 involves a rough road for two challengers of Republican incumbent Sandy Adams, 51, who has raised more than 10 times the money of her opponents combined.

Health care top priority in District 72

Judy ‘J.J.’ Juliano, the first Democrat in a decade to appear on the ballot in the race for state House District 72, said she wants to bring a middle-class perspective to Tallahassee.

Doctor, widow to face off for Indian River’s House District 80 seat

For the past eight years, voters in state House District 80 have been represented by Stan Mayfield, who lost a battle to esophageal cancer Sept. 30.

State Senate incumbent focused on jobs

Businesses are struggling. Jobs are disappearing. And many families face rising costs.

Hometown Democracy proposal headed for 2010 ballot

Just as voting begins in the 2008 election, a proposal that could be the hottest topic of the 2010 campaign appears headed for the ballot.

Florida judges up for retention

Supreme Court justice, 23 appeals judges on 2008 ballot

For 30 years, Floridians have had the chance to give a thumbs down to sitting appeals and supreme court judges.

Florida won’t have to repay lost revenue from suspended Alligator Alley tolls

If Florida gives drivers a break on Alligator Alley tolls and a private company is in charge, the state won’t have to make up the difference.

Lt. Governor Attends 32nd Annual Joint Meeting of the Southeast U.S./Japan & Japan-U.S. Southeast Associations

Florida celebrates its strong economic, trade ties with Japan

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp joined Governors and representatives from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, along with 500 Japanese and American executives, during the opening session of the 32nd Annual Joint Meeting of the Southeast U.S./Japan & Japan-U.S. Southeast Associations (SEUS/Japan).

Florida signs on for missing-senior alerts

Statewide “Silver Alerts” will be used to help find missing Florida seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s and other kinds of dementia.

Obama, McCain Campaigns Clash Over Health, Cat Insurance Reforms

Barack Obama and John McCain don’t see eye to eye on many areas, and insurance is no exception. Indeed, on at least two issues of critical importance to the industry and its policyholders–health care reform and catastrophe coverage–each would take the country in very different directions if elected president on Nov. 4.

NAIC Mulls Creating New Rating Agency

State insurance regulators may develop a new rating agency that would offer all of the ratings currently offered by the three major existing rating agencies.

Louisiana Citizens Settles Policyholder Lawsuits for $35 Million

Louisiana’s state-run insurer of last resort has reached a $35 million agreement with policyholders to resolve claims that the insurer failed to offer settlements for hurricane claims in a timely fashion after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

OP-ED: WARREN BUFFET–Buy American. I Am.

THE financial world is a mess, both in the United States and abroad. Its problems, moreover, have been leaking into the general economy, and the leaks are now turning into a gusher. In the near term, unemployment will rise, business activity will falter and headlines will continue to be scary.

SBA: $50M Approved for Louisiana Storm Victims

The U.S. Small Business Administration says it has approved more than $50 million in low-interest loans to Louisiana homeowners, renters and businesses that suffered damages in September 2008 hurricanes.

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