Capitol to Courthouse Headliners: Friday, March 5

Mar 5, 2010



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Editorial: The Cost Of Crist

Crist’s support for government-regulated insurance has placed Florida in a precarious financial situation in which one major hurricane, or multiple storms in one season, could bankrupt the state.


Editorial:  Insurance Reform is needed in Florida

Floridians are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when it comes to the insurance industry.


CFO Sink Takes on Staged Accident Scammers

Florida CFO Alex Sink, the Tampa Police Department, and Allstate Insurance Company held a joint press conference today to draw attention to Personal Injury Protection fraud and CFO Sink’s efforts to combat an increased number of scammers throughout Florida. 


Bills suggest Florida should monitor local traffic camera laws

Are cameras set to snare red light runners at busy intersections motorist lifesavers or municipal moneymakers?


Juno Beach delays red-light camera enforcement

Plans to begin $125 fines for motorists who run red lights have been delayed.


Raided Lake Worth pain clinic handed out 2 million pills in a year

The federal government has called American Pain a ”pill mill.” But the Lake Worth pain clinic operated more like a factory, churning through 250 patients a day, paying doctors as much as $44,000 a week, and distributing more than two million painkillers in a single year.


Study: Food-borne illnesses cost Florida $10 billion annually

Contaminated food sickens Floridians to the tune of nearly $10 billion a year in medical and other losses, according to a new food safety analysis.


Blog:  Health Management Associates and WellCare Make Fortune’s “Contender” List of Most-Admired Companies 

They’re not Apple (yet) but 7 Florida companies make Fortune’s global list of “most admired”

Wake up and good morning. Apple may once again win Fortune magazine’s crown as the “world’s most admired company” but Florida at least had a few companies register — sometimes not for the better — on the annual list of corporate admiration.


Alex Sink blames Bill McCollum for Medicaid fraud problem

Florida CFO Alex Sink attempted to cast the state’s multibillion-dollar Medicaid fraud problem as a vulnerability for rival Bill McCollum, as both run for governor.

As Florida hemorrhages as much as $3.2 billion in Medicaid fraud a year, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink proposed reforms Thursday and pinned much of the blame for the problem on her political opponent, Attorney General Bill McCollum.


Feds Clear Florida Board of Administration of Any Wrongdoing After Two-Year Investigation

The State Board of Administration, which manages $138.5 billion in state pension funds and other pools of money, was cleared of wrongdoing in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry that apparently focused on companies that did business with the board.


Raymond James wants $12M penalty tossed

Raymond James Financial Inc. has asked a federal court to vacate a $12 million penalty lodged against it for allegedly raiding brokers, saying Wells Fargo Advisors LLC committed fraud in the case.


Florida Senator Bennett removes controversial provision from bill

Sen. Mike Bennett on Thursday dropped a provision from a bill aimed at overturning a state agency interpretation of last year’s controversial growth management law.


Florida road building trust fund sinking

Even as state lawmakers grapple with a $3 billion budget shortfall, new estimates show the main trust fund for road projects will have less money than previously projected.


EPA extends comment period for proposed water rules in Florida

The Environmental Protection Agency agreed Thursday to a extend the public comment period on proposed water rules that have been blasted by Florida politicians.


Pre-paid phone fee would aid Florida’s 911 system

In an effort to support the 911 emergency system, state Sen. Mike Bennett held a press conference Thursday at the Capitol about a bill that would set up a system to collect fees from purchasers of wireless pre-paid phones.


Recommendations could save Florida taxpayers $3.2 billion

A group of current and former government officials, business leaders and policy analysts today made cost-savings recommendations — including reduction of penalties for minor drug offenses, collecting the sales tax on Internet purchases and putting state government on a four-day work week — to save Florida taxpayers up to $3.2 billion.


Controversial bill targeting pit bulls, other ‘dangerous’ dogs advances in Florida Senate

Legislators found a sure way to rile up a crowd Thursday: go after pit bulls.


Florida Chamber, environmental groups will lobby to revive Florida Forever

Sometimes the lions and the lambs lie down together.


Impersonating military vets for donations would be felony under Florida state representative’s bill

A South Florida lawmaker wants to put a stop to people impersonating military veterans when soliciting donations.


Washington Lawmakers Approve JUA For Flood Insurance

The Washington State Senate has approved a flood insurance bill that would allow the insurance commissioner to create a market assistance plan and, if necessary, a joint underwriting association if the flood insurance market in state’s Green River Valley collapses.


U.S. Senator Vitter Seeks Detailed Inquiry Into Deaths, Drywall

U.S. Sen. David Vitter has called for federal officials to do a more thorough review of the deaths of several people who lived in homes that contained smelly, possibly toxic Chinese drywall.


South Carolina House Advances Cap on Liability Awards

A proposal to cap how much people can be awarded through civil lawsuits in South Carolina received key approval this week.


N.Y. insurance exchange may seek lower tax rate

Regulators and industry officials trying to revive the New York Insurance Exchange may seek a lower federal corporate tax to enhance its appeal, Insurance Superintendent James J. Wrynn said Thursday.


N.Y. May Allow Internet Bank Use For Premium Trust Accounts 

New York State is moving towards giving insurance agents and brokers the ability to use Internet banks for premium trust accounts.


New York Times Blog:  At Platinum, the High Cost of Living in Bermuda

Being forced to live in Bermuda probably wouldn’t be viewed as a hardship for many people – particularly at this time of year. But at Platinum Underwriters Holdings, it’s enough to warrant extremely generous housing allowances for the reinsurance company’s top executives.


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