Capitol to Courthouse Headliners: Friday, April 2

Apr 2, 2010



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Former Chairman of the Florida House Insurance Committee:  Insurance politics is costing Floridians

Florida is in the grip of a failing insurance regulatory system that’s unjustly taxing residents, jeopardizing their insurance security and intruding upon consumer choices.


Lake Okeechobee water levels rising, raising flood control concerns

Lake Okeechobee’s yo-yoing water level is on the rise again, renewing safety concerns about the aging dike relied on to guard against flooding.


St. Pete residents can now report certain crimes online

City residents can report certain types of crimes online rather than by phone.


Florida law makes workplace violence lawsuits difficult

In the field of workplace violence, Florida stands out in one respect: The Legislature has made it extremely difficult for a victim, or a victim’s family, to successfully sue the workplace.


12 Men Charged With Million-Dollar Auto Theft Ring in Tampa Area

Authorities say 12 men have been indicted in federal court for stealing vehicles and prescription drugs from the Tampa Bay area and unloading the items in Alabama.


Study: Floridians don’t like health plans

A J.D. Power and Associates study of Florida’s largest commercial health plans found that their members were less satisfied than health plan enrollees in most states.


Florida’s Medicaid future coming next week?

This week, the Senate voted to expand a controversial “reform” pilot to 19 more counties. Next week, the House could release a draft bill that would gradually lead to Medicaid managed care throughout Florida.


Editorial:  Chinese drywall … no more mumbo jumbo

The scores of Florida residents whose homes and lives have been affected by toxic drywall imported from China have plenty of reason to be frustrated with the government’s response to the situation.


Florida medical board cracking down harder on doctors who make mistakes with patients

The Florida Board of Medicine has stepped up disciplinary actions against physicians for infractions of patient care, according to an annual report by the Federation of State Medical Boards.


Budget action sets up fight over health care, schools, roads

The Florida House on Thursday approved a $67.2 billion state budget on a party-line 74-44 vote, setting the stage for a month of hard bargaining with the Senate over funding for health care, schools, road building and state workers.


Condo loan rules eased in Florida

Freddie Mac is moving to buoy the battered Florida condominium market, waiving lending rules that made it harder to buy and sell units in many condo buildings.


Florida governments have dawdled on housing aid

Governments in Florida have let down their communities by dawdling on housing aid.


Florida GOP infighting over Jim Greer, politician spending ramps up

Florida Republican Party officials say spending was necessary.

As Winter Park Rep. Dean Cannon’s power and prestige grew, so did his travel and spending on the state Republican Party dime.


Florida appliance rebate system relies on access to a computer

State officials have chosen a procedure for doling out Florida’s 20 percent appliance rebates that requires access to a computer or someone who can use one.


McCollum sues against alcoholism “cure”

Alleges Jacksonville company misled customers

Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has filed suit against Jacksonville-based Alcoholism Cure Foundation for allegedly marketing a phony cure for the disease, his office announced in a release today.


Race to the Top: New push

State pins future hopes for Race to the Top grant on merit-pay plan – not union support

Florida lost a bid this week for as much as $1.1billion in federal Race to Top education grants in part because it had virtually no buy-in from teacher unions for the reforms it was proposing.


Government: Chinese drywall homes must be gutted

New guidelines from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission call for partially gutting homes affected by contaminated Chinese drywall.


Louisiana Citizens Insurance hikes rate by 7% on average

Homeowners who are dependent on the Louisiana insurer of last resort were hit Thursday by a rate increase averaging 7 percent statewide.


Insurers: California Court Decision Emphasizes Need for Timely Defense

The California Court of Appeal has ruled that an insured can recover full defense costs, when an insurer fails to respond with timely defense.


While Federal Flood Insurance Program Expires, Consumers Have an Additional and Viable Option for Flood Coverage

Scores of Americans panic as time runs out for $8,000 and $6,500 Home Tax Credits and they can’t close on homes without flood insurance.


State Farm Sounding Like Its Rivals to Stay on Top of Them

Geico outguns it by more than double when it comes to auto insurance ad spending. Progressive outspends it by nearly 40%. And Allstate matches its outlays on auto-insurance ads.


Massachusetts Insurance Regulators Reject Most Requests for Higher Rates

With the encouragement of Gov. Deval L. Patrick, Massachusetts insurance regulators took the extraordinary step Thursday of rejecting nearly 9 out of 10 rate increases requested by the state’s health insurers.


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