Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Nov 9, 2016


How Trump Won Florida

Despite Hillary Clinton’s large margins in Miami-Dade County and Broward County, Trump ran up the score elsewhere in the State — from the Deep South Panhandle to the interior of Florida to Peninsula’s Southwest, a bastion of working-class whites and retirees from the Midwest who pushed him over the top.  Politico Florida’s Marc Caputo and Kyle Chaney reports.

Democrats Make Some Congressional Gains in Florida

Despite a redrawing of the Map in Florida through redistricting, Democrats made only slight gains in winning more Seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Politico Florida’s Daniel Ducassi reports.


GOP Incumbents Prevail to Keep Large Majority in Florida House, but Democrats Pick up Seats

GOP Incumbents were Re-Elected to House Seats across the State during Tuesday’s General Contests, most facing no serious challengers but some of whom were engaged in competitive races.  Politico Florida’s Jessica Bakeman reports.


Senate Democrats Fall Short in Key State Races

Two of the losses come in overwhelmingly Democratic-Leaning Miami-Dade County, where the underfunded Democratic Candidates were not able to topple Incumbent Lawmakers who put together strong Campaigns.  Politico Florida’s Matt Dixon reports.


Even Before 2016 is Over, the Race for 2020 is Well Under Way

Long before the first polling places opened on Election Day 2016, the race for the 2020 Republican Presidential Nomination was already under way.  The Washington Post reports via the Tampa Bay Times.


Florida Voters Return Trio of Supreme Court Justices to Bench

All Three Judges were appointed by Former Governor Charlie Crist, who only served four years as Governor but had Four Appointments to the State’s Highest Court.  Politico Florida’s Christine Sexton reports.

Floridians Approve Expanded Medical Marijuana Program

Floridians overwhelmingly approved a Ballot Measure on Tuesday to expand Medical Marijuana in the Sunshine State.  Politico Florida’s Daniel Ducassi reports.


Solar Amendment Fails Amid Environmental Opposition

Opponents frequently cited a dissenting opinion by Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente, who called the Proposal a “Proverbial ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing'” when the Court approved the Measure earlier this year.  Politico Florida’s Bruce Ritchie reports.


Voters Approve Tax Relief Measures for First Responders, Low-Income Seniors

In Two Issues that received relatively little attention, Voters on Tuesday night overwhelmingly approved Two Constitutional Amendments that could lead to Property-Tax Breaks for Disabled First Responders and some Seniors, the Lakeland Ledger reports.

Florida Seeks to Preserve its System for Low-Income Patients

Florida is asking the Federal Government for permission to extend a five-year-old program that funnels most Medicaid Patients into Private Insurance Plans in an ongoing effort to save money.  Kim Doleatto reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


Washington, Delaware Insurance Commissioner Races are Decided

Washington State Voters have elected Democrat Mike Kreidler to a Fifth Term as Insurance Commissioner.  Democrat Trinidad Navarro, currently a County Sheriff, won the race for Delaware Insurance Commissioner, PCI reports.


California Commissioner Orders State Farm to Reduce Homeowner Rates

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones on Tuesday issued a decision requiring State Farm Insurance Co. to reduce its dwelling Insurance Rates by an average of 7.0 percent, resulting is $78.6 million in annual savings for California Policyholders, Insurance Journal reports.


Supreme Court Hears Insurer’s Katrina Whistleblower Appeal

Justices seem likely to uphold Jury Verdict against State Farm, Insurance Journal reports.


“You shouldn’t be Acting Like a Hedge Fund,” Insurance Regulator Warns Evergrande

China’s Insurance Regulator urges Evergrande to avoid speculation in Stocks, focus on Principles of Long-Term Value Investment.  The South China Morning Post reports.


5 Questions: Brian Duppereault, Hamilton Insurance Group

Hamilton Insurance Group recently joined forces with AIG and Two Sigma to form Attune, a Data Science-Driven Platform to make it easier for Small Businesses to get Insurance.  Hamilton CEO Brian Duppereault spoke with Insurance Networking News’ Nathan Golia on what motivated the company’s partnership and how the insurtech trend is pushing all players to do more.




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