Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Wednesday, March 7

Mar 7, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


Florida’s 2012 Regular Legislative Session

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9:30 a.m.– Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Public Rate Hearing:  State Farm Florida Insurance Company.  State Farm Florida has requested a 42 percent overall rate increase for its manufactured home line of coverage.  The proposed rate increase would be effective April 1, 2012, for new business and June 1, 2012, for renewal business.  The requested rate increase is not uniform, and some areas would be subject to a higher rate increase.  To view the hearing notice, click here.  To view the agenda, click here.


    9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.–Senate Session

    • HB 4087 relating to the Repeal of a Workers’ CompensationIndependent Actuarial Peer Review Requirement by State Representative Ben Albritton
    • CS/SB 1860 relating to Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Protection Insurance by Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Joe Negron
    • CS/CS/SB 802 relating to Premises Liability by the Senate Budget Subcommittee on General Government Appropriations; Committee on Judiciary; Environmental Preservation and Conservation
    • CS/SB 938 relating to Insurance Agents and Adjusters by the Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Garrett Richter
    • CS/CS/SB 1404 Relating to Title Insurance by Senate Committee on Judiciary; Senate Committee on Banking and Insurance; Senator Thad Altman
    • CS/CS/SB 1406 relating to Public Records/Title Insurance Data/Department of Financial Services by Senate Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability; Banking and Insurance; Senator Thad Altman

    1:00 p.m.–House Session

    • SB 140 relating to Repeal of a Workers’ Compensation Reporting Requirement by Senator Mike Bennett
    • SB 446 relating to Open Government Sunset Review/Insurance Claim Data Exchange Information/Past Due Child Support by the Senate Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    A Trio of Insurance Bills Await Action as Florida Session Nears End

    Florida lawmakers might wonder if they’re on a merry-go-round when it comes getting a handle on insurance costs in the state, whether for cars or homes.


    Surplus lines bill all but dead after Florida House fails to beat opt-in amendment

    A bill allowing surplus lines companies to take over policies of state-backed Citizens Property Insurance Corporation provided they have $50 million in surplus and a solid rating from a rating agency is essentially dead after the House refused to strip a hostile amendment Tuesday.


    Citizens Property Insurance Reform Dies in the House, with Republican help

    Reform of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation is apparently dead in the House after backers of the bill were unable to remove an unfriendly amendment added a day earlier by senators, including a number of Republicans again crossing leadership, intent on killing the reform effort backed by Governor Rick Scott.


    State Farm Florida seeks average 42 percent rate hike for mobile home owners 

    State Farm Florida has asked regulators to raise its rates an average of 42 percent on the 6,500 mobile homes it insures in Florida.


    Citizens Property Insurance appoints interim president of board

    Tom Grady, commissioner of the Office of Financial Regulation, has been elected interim president of the board of governors of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, according to a Citizens news release.


    Florida electrical contractor, wife guilty in Wilma fraud  

    A Florida electrical contractor and his wife have been convicted of several federal charges involving kickbacks for Hurricane Wilma-related repairs.

    Arsons keep islanders on edge             

    A little more than a year after the fire that crippled his waterfront bar in 2010, Low Key Tiki co-owner Scott Adams was horrified to see yet another island building engulfed in flames.                                                                                              


    Personal Injury Protection fight back to Senate; vote expected today

    The Senate is headed for a showdown today on its bill aimed at eliminating fraud that plagues the state’s personal injury protection law.


    Tempers flare as Florida Senate tackles Personal Injury Protection bill

    After a chaotic — and at times confusing debate — the Senate decided not once, but twice on Tuesday to keep intact a law that allows attorneys to have their fees multiplied for taking on complex personal injury protection cases.


    Blog:  Governor Rick Scott says failure of Personal Injury Protection reform would be a tax hike

    Governor Rick Scott said Tuesday he’s still optimistic that the Legislature will pass a bill to combat fraud in the Personal Injury Protection no-fault car insurance program.


    Florida Consumer Action Network:  Senate Personal Injury Protection reform proposal attacks the problem of fraud, not consumer choice  

    Florida’s personal injury protection system is broken and must be reformed.


    Blog:  Florida Senator Mike Fasano says “God bless you, Crash Test Dummies”

    As the Senate prepared to debate a bill to combat car insurance fraud in the personal injury protection program, three men dressed as crash test dummies cruised through lawmakers’ offices on Tuesday.


    Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater Announces Arrests of Licensed Massage Therapist and Clinic Employees for Personal Injury Protection Fraud  

    Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater announced today the arrests of three Tampa clinic employees on charges of insurance fraud and patient brokering stemming from a personal injury protection fraud scheme. 


    Court Blocks Drug Enforcement Against Florida’s Cardinal Health, CVS

    A U.S. appeals court has agreed to temporarily allow Cardinal Health Inc. to continue distributing strictly-controlled prescription drugs from a Florida facility, blocking a Drug Enforcement Administration order to suspend shipments.


    Judge blocks pension contributions

    A Leon County circuit judge on Tuesday blocked a law passed last year requiring public employees to contribute 3 percent to the state retirement fund.


    National Research Council study says federal agency underestimated water rules cost in Florida

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency created an uproar in August 2009 when it signed a court agreement with environmental groups to set nitrogen and phosphorus limits that industry groups said are expensive and difficult to meet.


    Beekeeping bill receives final approval with a colorful twist

    A House agricultural bill that had faced opposition early on received final passage on Tuesday with a new twist that drew chuckles and raised some concerns.


    Blog:  Session likely to end on a sour note – again

    A testy Senate Special Order Committee meeting over a controversial “parent trigger” measure late Tuesday night set the stage for what will likely be an ugly end to the legislative session for the second year in a row.


    John Polak Named Texas Windstorm Insurance Association General Manager

    John Polak has been named general manager of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association voted to name John Polak.


    Securities and Exchange Commission weighs Volcker exemption for insurance companies

    The top securities regulator said on Tuesday her agency is exploring whether Insurance companies can qualify for a coveted exemption in the proposed Volcker rule that would protect them from having to scale back their investments in hedge funds.


    Wall Street Journal:  More Paid to Shield Directors, Officers From Lawsuits

    Companies are paying up to protect their leaders from potential lawsuits, a new report shows.


    Insurance industry no climate-change skeptic

    When they woke up in the morning, my mom used to ask my dad what the weather was going to be.



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