Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Wednesday, August 22

Aug 22, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

8:00 a.m.–Florida Division of Administrative Hearings Proposed Rule Hearing; Proposed amendments to procedural Rules for adjudication of workers’ compensation claims are intended to improve definitions, implement mandatory electronic filing, streamline the service of pleadings, promote the timely resolution of attorneys’ fees and costs, discourage duplication and unnecessary filings, encourage timely orders, streamline mediation, provide for voluntary mediation, promote timely discovery and entry of discovery orders, streamline motion practice, allow Judges of Compensation Claims to approve stipulations and streamline the appointment of expert medical advisors.  To view the hearing notice, along with a list of Rules being amended, click here.

1:00 p.m.–Citizens Property Insurance Corporation Information Systems Advisory Committee meeting; Teleconference:  866-361-7525; participant code:  4869641229#.  To view the meeting notice and materials, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News

    Florida university unveils new “Wall of Wind” hurricane simulator

    Nearly 20 years after Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 wind once again shredded roofs in Miami-Dade County.


    Great expectations for PIP savings?

    A new report suggests the savings on auto insurance premiums gained from HB 119 could be as high as 24.6 percent, but auto insurers want to see how the new law plays in the courts before promising wholesale premium reductions.


    Florida Governor Rick Scott:  “Absolutely, All Our Delegates Should be Seated”

    Governor Rick Scott said Florida should be allowed it full complement of delegates when the Republican National Convention kicks off next Monday.


    Blog:  Governor Rick Scott hints he will remove Monroe County supervisor if he doesn’t follow voting law

    Governor Rick Scott laid down the gauntlet Tuesday against a reluctant Monroe County supervisor of elections who has failed to agree with the administration over early voting law compliance.


    Texas Wind Pool:  $800 million Available for Claims Should Storm Hit Coast

    Going into the peak time of the year for hurricane development, Texas’ property insurance company of last resort in coastal areas has around $800 million in available cash to immediately handle claims in the event a storm hits the state’s coastline.


    Texas Windstorm Pool:  Fax Problems Due to Provider Connectivity

    Agents who place insurance with Texas’ property insurer of last resort in coastal areas apparently have been having difficulty faxing policy changes to the company.


    Texas Averaged 250 Traffic Deaths per Month in 2011

    On average, 250 people killed in traffic crashes every month in 2011, Texas officials say.




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