Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Apr 1, 2015


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Uber bill cruises through Senate panel, will see amendment in Appropriations 

A ridesharing insurance requirements bill that goes hand in hand with a broader effort to pass legislation permitting Uber across Florida made progress today, passing quickly and unanimously through the Senate Judiciary Committee early Tuesday evening.  Ryan Ray reports for


California and Florida issue statements on deceptive travel insurance opt-out practices 

Insurance regulators for two of the U.S.’s major vacation rental markets — California and Florida — have issued statements against using opt-out sales practices to sell travel insurance, Catarina Pontoriero reports for National Underwriter’s


Florida Senators travel to Washington to address $2.1 billion health-care funding problem 

Two state senators traveled to Washington this week to discuss the issue threatening Florida’s budget, Matt Dixon reports for the Naples Daily News.


House passes, Senate delays, balance billing ban that pits providers against insurers

Doctors and insurers battled over balance billing in the Florida Legislature yesterday.’s Christine Jordan Sexton reports. 


Tougher penalties on texting-while-driving look on road to nowhere

A bill letting cops pull over drivers they suspect of texting-while-driving narrowly was approved by a Senate panel Tuesday — but the effort looks likely on a road to nowhere, the Palm Beach Post’s John Kennedy reports for the “Post on Politics” blog. 


Florida Fracking Proposal Clears Senate Committee

A proposal to regulate the oil and gas industry in Florida, particularly when it comes to hydraulic fracturing and high pressure well stimulation, cleared a Senate panel Tuesday, despite dozens of speakers calling on lawmakers to vote against it, Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster reports via the “Political Fix Florida” blog.


With Senate budget amendments teed up, calls flood Florida senators

Amendment 1 supporters were flooding senators with calls yesterday urging them to support funding for land-buying in advance of Senate floor action on the state budget on Wednesday.’s Bruce Ritchie reports. 


Does Florida have a Religious Freedom Restoration Act like Indiana’s? 

How similar is the Florida law to a new Indiana law currently under fire?   Politifact Florida’s Amy Sherman and Katie Sanders  decided to delve into the evidence for a complete picture.


NAIC Adopts Ridesharing White Paper for State Policymakers

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has adopted a white paper on insurance coverage for ridesharing that offers several suggestions for how state regulators should deal with insurance issues, Insurance Journal’s Don Jergler reports. 


Mayor of Mississippi City Declares Infrastructure Emergency

Jackson, Mississippi has experienced numerous water main breaks and a growing pothole problem in recent weeks, Insurance Journal reports.





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