Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mar 29, 2016


Arkansas Orders Florida Health Plan to Stop Selling in State

Insurance Commissioner Allen Kerr has issued a cease and desist order against Health Plan Intermediaries Holdings LLC., dba Health Insurance Innovations, a Tampa, Florida-based company, alleging the company has used fraudulent and dishonest practices in attempting to sell short-term health care plans in Arkansas, Insurance Journal reports.


What Florida’s Ancient Past tells us about Sea-Level Rise Today

The looming threat of sea-level rise is a cause for anxiety throughout much of the coastal United States, and Florida is one of the unlucky states most at risk. Miami, alone, is considered one of the most vulnerable cities in the nation — it’s already subject to frequent flooding and has plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on flood control in the near future.  Chelsea Harvey reports for the Washington Post.


Massive Fish Kill Emphasizes Florida’s Failure to Follow Science

Thousands upon thousands of dead and rotting fish float belly-up in the polluted Indian River Lagoon, devastating indictors of the state’s failure to control nutrient levels in one of the most bio-diverse waterways in the country.  Nancy Smith reports for


Scott plans Audit of Enterprise Florida in search of Savings Amid Shakeup

The same day Bill Johnson announced he would step down as president and CEO of Enterprise Florida, the state’s mostly taxpayer-funded economic development arm, Scott sent board members a memo announcing one of his former agency heads will audit it, in an effort to find $6 million in savings.  Matt Dixon reports for Politico Florida.


Florida Regulators drop Planned Parenthood Complaints

State health care regulators have dropped complaints against Planned Parenthood clinics in Southwest Florida and St. Petersburg on Monday, a move welcomed by clinic directors who said the complaints were politically motivated from the start.  Naples Daily News’ Liz Freeman reports.


Risk Maps Now Include Human-Induced Earthquakes

The seismic risk maps are used to guide construction of buildings, Insurance Journal reports.


Prepare for Disruption in High Net Worth Insurance Segment

ACE’s $28.3 billion purchase of Chubb will create a major disruption in the luxury insurance market, J.D. Power’s Gregory Hoeg explains via Insurance Journal.





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