Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Tuesday, July 16

Jul 16, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Florida’s Craig Fugate Being Considered for Homeland Security Secretary Post

Craig Fugate, the former Florida chief of emergency management who now runs FEMA, is among the names of possible being tossed about as a possible replacement for Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, Alex Leary reports for Tampa Bay Times.


Is Florida a Haven for Forced-Place Insurance?

As the nation’s homeowners grapple with the unfairness that is forced-place insurance, it becomes apparent that the state of Florida appears to have the greatest incidence of forced-place insurance, according to Targeted News Service, writes Gordon Gibb for


Florida lawmakers post personal finances online for first time

For the first time, thanks to a new law, the state is required to post online the personal financial disclosures of all public officials, Kathleen Haughney reports for the Sun-Sentinel.


Broward Democratic Contest Begins to Replace Term-Limited Perry Thurston

With House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston, D-Fort Lauderdale, facing term limits in 2014, a major Democratic candidate filed his paperwork to launch a bid to replace him in representing parts of Broward County.


Senior Population Set to Explode In Florida

Every year between now and 2020, Florida is expected to increase in size by a population equal to that of Orlando – and at this rate will soon pass New York to become the third largest state in the nation, writes Karen Cyphers for


Homelessness drops 17.5 percent in Florida

The number of homeless people fell by 10,000 persons from 2012 to 45,000 people, Gray Rohrer reports for The Florida Current.


Florida Education Commissioner proposes safety net for schools’ grades

Florida’s Education Commissioner will recommend tweaks to the formula used to calculate school grades at a specially called meeting of the Board of Education, James Call reports for The Florida Current.


Claims-Paying Capacity Will Weather Hurricane Season, Insurance Information Institute Says

The insurance industry is “financially prepared to pay the claims that may arise out of significant natural disasters in 2013 and beyond,” said Dr. Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute, looking ahead at a predicted active hurricane season.


New York’s Transit Authority to Sell $125 Million Catastrophe Bond

Reuters reports in that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the biggest transportation network in North America, is selling a $125 million “catastrophe” bond designed to cover the costs of damage from a future storm or hurricane, investors said on Monday.


Deductibles added to Ohio home insurance policies for wind, hail damage

Be prepared when you get this year’s bill to insure your home: A growing number of Ohio homeowners will be expected to foot more of the cost to replace or fix their roof, siding or windows because of wind or hail damage.


Bylaw Changes to AAMGA Will Better Represent Entire Wholesale Insurance Market

Broader membership base will better represent the entire wholesale insurance marketplace and lend greater credibility and strength to the entire market

In May, the AAMGA board of directors proposed bylaw changes to broaden the association’s membership base to represent the entire wholesale insurance market, writes AAMGA Board Member Francis Mastowski in National Underwriter’s


Sharknadoes Covered By Most Homeowners Insurance

A sharknado is not a specifically named peril on a standard homeowners insurance policy. But would your insurer pay up anyway if, as in the instant cult classic Syfy TV movie, a giant tornado blew in from the ocean and dumped thousands of man-eating sharks on your neighborhood?



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