Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Feb 20, 2018

Multiple Sinkholes Open In Florida Retirement Community

Two Homes have been condemned and two have been evacuated. Power has been cut to all four.  The Associated Press reports via Insurance Journal.


Attorney, Vendor AOB Lawsuits Top Florida Insurance Litigation In 2017

Litigation from the abuse of Assignment of Benefits by Third Parties represented more than half of all Florida Insurance Litigation in 2017, and without a legislative fix those fueling the abuse will continue to get rich at the expense of Insurance Consumers, according to the Florida Justice Reform Institute.  Insurance Journal’s Amy O’Connor reports.


What’s Making Boats Sink In John’s Pass

Pinellas County Officials are partnering with the Corps of Engineers to fix the problem also say work is now slated to begin in April, even though a Contractor has been in place since September.   Sarah Rosario reports for


As Students Plan March On Tallahassee, GOP Lawmakers Mull Gun Safety

Top Members of State Senate Leadership are putting some significant Policy Changes on the table in the wake of last week’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, including the kinds of gun safety measures that have received scant attention in the Republican-Dominated Legislature in previous years. Daniel Ducassi and Arek Sarkissian report for Politico Florida.


Scott Convenes Leaders to Work on Solutions to Keep Florida Students Safe

Governor Rick Scott has organized State and Local Leaders to meet Tuesday for workshops at the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Sheriffs Association. reports.


Did Wakulla County Deputies Just Foil A Parkland Copy Cat?

Detectives charged Watson with violating the following Florida Statutes and booked him into the Wakulla County Jail: F.S. 836.10, “Written Threats to Kill or do Bodily Injury,” a Second Degree Felony; and F.S.790.163, “False Report concerning planting a Bomb, an Explosive, or a Weapon of Mass Destruction, or concerning the use of Firearms in a violent manner, a Second Degree Felony.”


Guns, Greyhounds And Privacy Dominate Constitution Hearing

Two of the three most commonly- and passionately-discussed topics at Monday’s First Public Hearing for the Florida Constitution Revision Commission’s Proposed Amendments weren’t even among the 37 Active Propositions.’s Scott Powers reports.


Mayors in Florida Face Fines of $5,000 If They Enact Stricter Rules on Gun Control

Seven years ago, the Republican-Controlled Legislature even created a $5,000 Fine it can impose on Mayors if they ever try to enforce stricter Regulations on Firearms.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Elizabeth Koh reports for “The Buzz” blog.


Florida Suspends Nearly 2 Million Driver’s Licenses. Help May Be On The Way

About 285,000 Motorists with a Suspended License in Fiscal 2017 did not have a driving offense, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The bulk of them were suspended for failing to pay Child Support and failing to pay Court Fees and Fines.  Wayne K. Roustan reports for the Sun-Sentinel.


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