Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Thursday, September 13

Sep 13, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


There are no Florida insurance-related events scheduled for today.



Daily Insurance-Related News


Florida regulators fighting with insurer over excess profits

State insurance regulators are battling with Premier Group Insurance over $3 million in “excess profits” earned between 2005 and 2007 that they say the company should refund to the state.


Record-breaking rains prompt Florida to seek $26 million in federal aid

While Florida mops up widespread flooding from its wettest summer on record, Congress this week is struggling to replenish a disaster relief fund that is dwindling by the day.


THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  State Voter Purge List Shrinks, Agreement Reached

A controversial list of 2,600 allegedly illegal voters has been whittled to 207, Florida election officials said Wednesday after running the names through a federal immigration database.


Florida revenue expected to grow, create budget surplus

If tax collections are any indicator, Florida’s economy is growing at a slow, steady pace. 


Florida to privatize nearly 3,000 prison jobs

A legislative panel on Wednesday approved a proposal by the administration of Governor Rick Scott to spend nearly $58 million in order to privatize prison health care operations by January.


Florida Stand Your Ground law’s impact needs more study, task force told

Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll has repeatedly said that the task force commissioned to look into Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law will make its decision based on facts, not emotions.


Banks again aggressively foreclosing on Southwest Florida homes

Foreclosures are trending up in Southwest Florida.


    Court OKs class action in citrus canker case  

    A South Florida appeals court today cleared the way for a class-action lawsuit stemming from the state’s destruction of more than 247,000 citrus trees in Miami-Dade County.


    Blog:  Welfare drug tests proved problematic, court documents show

    New court filings in a lawsuit over Governor Rick Scott’s mandatory drug testing of applicants for welfare assistance reveal a hastily patched-together system marked by a lack of protocol and uniformity and concerns by state workers that the process was overreaching.


    State researchers:  Florida unemployment would be 9.8 percent if not for labor pool dropouts

    A shrinking workforce – not job creation – accounts for 91 percent of the drop in Florida’s unemployment rate so far this year, according to new projections from state economists.


    The Florida Current Analysis:  Geography reflects delegates’ donations

    Politics is a game of numbers:  One person, one vote, and whoever gets the most votes wins was the explanation given by the U.S. Supreme Court in its 1964 Reynolds v.  Sims decision, which ruled that state legislative districts must be about equal in population.


    U.S. House Begins Renewed Effort for Agent Medical Loss Ratio Exemption

    A House subcommittee late Tuesday passed legislation that would exempt commissions paid to insurance agents from the medical-loss ratio calculation mandated under the healthcare reform law.




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