Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Thursday, October 25

Oct 25, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News

Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance President Gilway:  Staff Firings Premature

In the face of criticism, the top executive of Florida’s state-backed property insurer acknowledges his decision to close the insurer’s office in charge of corporate oversight before having its replacement in place was ill-advised.


Opinion:  Florida Citizens Property Insurance Picks Odd Moment to Sack “Integrity” Office

Despite headlines being dominated by the ever-tightening presidential election, Citizens Property Insurance Corp. continues to make news in Florida.


Hurricane victim — from 2004 — finally returns home

Retired textbook editor Linda Lipofsky may be the last Central Floridian to move back into a home damaged by the hurricanes of 2004.


Insurer cancels deputy’s homeowner policy; police dog at home deemed too risky

A national insurance company is canceling a local K-9 officer’s homeowners insurance – because he keeps a police dog in his home.


Traffic fatalities rise in Florida

The number of traffic fatalities in Florida are up this year.


THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Ethics Commission Finds “Probable Cause” Against David Rivera

The Florida Ethics Commission said Wednesday it found “probable cause” to believe that Congressman David Rivera broke the state’s ethics laws as a state legislator, jolting his re-election bid less than two weeks before Election Day.


FBI to investigate bogus election letters

The FBI has opened an investigation into bogus letters appearing to come from local elections supervisors in Florida, the agency announced Wednesday.


Florida Governor Scott set to unveil education initiatives at Market Watch event today

Florida Governor Rick Scott wants to give traditional public schools more flexibility and teachers some financial help when it comes to purchasing supplies.


Campaign Profile:  Sachs-Bogdanoff Florida Senate race is Number One priority for both parties

The only Senate race with two incumbents in it, legislative leaders estimate the price tag of the District 34 contest will hit $8 million.


More than 1,000 Floridians got bad shots

As three more cases of fungal meningitis were confirmed in Florida on Wednesday, bringing the case count to 22, the state’s top health official said the number of patients who were placed at risk by contaminated steroid injections was considerable: 1,038.


Pain pill deaths down, but other drug deaths up

The number of deaths in which oxycodone was found in the deceased dropped 17.7 percent in 2011 compared with the previous year, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement announced Wednesday in a new report.


Blog:  Florida Chamber opposes Cuba-Syria contracting law

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is asking a federal appeals court to continue blocking a new law that would prevent state and local governments from contracting with firms that have business links to Cuba or Syria.


Air Force, Florida officials reach agreement on using state forests for military training

State officials and the U.S. Air Force have signed an agreement to use Florida state forests for military training exercises.


Federalist Society study says Supreme Court justices followed the law

Tough decisions by three Florida Supreme Court justices whose jobs are on the line in next month’s elections may be controversial and unpopular with voters, but they were not “unprincipled” rulings, a legal analyst said Wednesday.


Florida Polytechnic University Goes Live, Accepts Assets Allocated

Florida Polytechnic University’s board of trustees took a giant step Wednesday with a unanimous vote to accept money and assets allocated to start the university.


New York Times:  Politics Can be a Dirty Business. And Then There Are House Races in Florida …  

In an election year awash with partisan fury, Florida can lay claim to some of the nastiest and most personal House battles in the country.


North Carolina Regulator Calls for Hearing, Delay on Home Insurance Rates

Two weeks ahead of an election deciding whether he keeps his job, North Carolina’s insurance commissioner told companies they’ll have to prove they should be allowed to increase homeowner’s premiums by a statewide average of 17.7 percent.


National Association of Insurance Commissioners Takes Instructional Approach in Thrift-Supervision Letter to Fed

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners takes a subdued, fact-based approach in its comments on how federal agencies should provide consolidated regulation of insurance companies which operate savings and loans.


9 Insurance Halloween Costumes

Not sure yet what to be for Halloween? Here’s 9 insurance-related costumes.




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