Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Thursday, January 17

Jan 17, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


9:00 a.m.–Florida Automobile Joint Underwriting Association meeting.  Lake Mary, Florida.  Agenda includes review of claims provider performance in claims handling.  To view the meeting notice, click here



Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Blog:  Florida insurance commissioner proposes major changes to property insurance

Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty proposed major changes to the Florida property insurance system, especially for Citizens Property Insurance, at a presentation made to the state Senate Banking and Insurance Committee on Wednesday.


Florida Senate panel seeks consensus on Citizens Property Insurance, but political divide flares up

Lawmakers are hoping to build political consensus for changes to Citizens Property Insurance Corp. but Florida’s political divide over property insurance remains.


Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater:  Standing Still on Citizens Property Insurance “Cannot Be the Solution”

Increased premiums, creating a clearing house for private firms to cherry pick accounts, or breaking up Citizens Property Insurance Corp. into more manageable pieces are among proposals being tossed about in the Senate to reduce the Florida-backed insurer and attract more private firms into Florida.


Review:  Travel expenses of Citizens Property Insurance excessive

An inspector general is criticizing travel expenses racked up by employees at the state-created Citizens Property Insurance.


Blog:  Florida Chamber seeks property insurance reform

The Florida Chamber of Commerce wants the state Legislature to adopt a seven-point plan – much of which is directed at Citizens Property Insurance Corp. – to improve property insurance in the Sunshine State.


Free-Market Think Tank:  End Home Insurance Subsidies in Florida’s Coastal Wetlands

R Street, a free-market think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C., has released a new report that urges Florida’s legislators to cut off all home insurance subsidies to residents building new homes in undeveloped wetlands and barrier islands along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, as well as undeveloped coastal barriers along the Florida Keys.


Boats smitten by Sandy selling in South Florida

Flotillas of boats savaged by Hurricane Sandy are finding their way from the Northeast to South Florida, as insurance companies shed damaged goods and purchasers chase a good deal.


Florida must offer insurance or pay $300 million penalty

It turns out that the state of Florida has yet another major decision to make in the next few months when it comes to the federal health care overhaul.


Florida Governor Rick Scott open to review of state gun laws

Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday voiced his support for a broad review of Florida’s gun laws by state legislators, saying the state’s tourist economy depends on visitors being able to “feel safe” amidst an increasingly well-armed population.


State Makes Final Push To Locate Homeowners for a Piece of Federal Mortgage Settlement

Time is running out for tens of thousands of Floridians who may be eligible for claim payments as part of a national settlement with five major lenders.


Florida debit card firms to stop misleading claims

Five Florida debit card companies have agreed to stop making misleading claims in a first-of-its-kind settlement with the state.


Florida House chairman sees need for subcommittee to address nuclear cost recovery

The House Energy & Utilities Subcommittee chairman said Wednesday he expects a comprehensive energy committee bill that covers issues including nuclear cost recovery.


Florida Senate education spending panel considers school safety pricetag

Florida lawmakers are beginning to compile a shopping list of security items for public schools.


Texas Department of Insurance:  Pre-Dispute Binding Arbitration Clauses Unfair to Policyholders

Pre-dispute mandatory binding arbitration provisions in insurance policies may be on their way out in Texas if state insurance regulators proceed with a plan to ban them.


Texas Brine, Louisiana Agree on Plan to Assess Sinkhole

The Louisiana Office of Conservation has modified orders requiring Texas Brine Co. LLC to assess the status of sediments under an 8.5-acre sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish, prompting the company to withdraw a lawsuit filed in December 2012 against the state.


New Jersey Governor Criticizes Some Oceanfront Property Owners Who Reject Sand Dunes

The New Jersey shore town of Bradley Beach came through Superstorm Sandy in better shape than many of its neighbors that sustained serious to catastrophic damage from the waves and storm surge.


PCI Urges Further Dialogue before International Association of Insurance Supervisors  Applies “Too Big to Fail” Rules to Insurers

On January 14 the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America participated in a discussion with the International Association of Insurance Supervisors,Financial Stability Committee on policy measures that would be applied to any insurance company designated as a Global Systemically Important Insurer.


Goldman Looks to Sell Major Stake in Reinsurance Group

In preparation for rules requiring the bank to hold more capital, Goldman Sachs Group is looking to sell a majority stake in its $1.4 billion reinsurance group, the firm’s incoming chief financial officer, Harvey Schwartz, said Wednesday on the firm’s earnings call.


Judge Rules News Outlets’ Use of Photo on Twitter Violated Copyright

A U.S. judge has found that two news organizations improperly used images that a photojournalist had posted to Twitter in one of the first big tests of intellectual property law involving social media.



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