Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Thursday, December 13

Dec 13, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


    8:30 a.m.–Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (“Citizens”) Market Accountability Advisory Committee meeting.  Teleconference:  866-361-7525; participant code:  7849939192#.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

      10:30 a.m.–Citizens Consumer Services Committee meeting.  Teleconference:  866-361-7525; participant code:  6487811620#.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

        12:00 p.m.–Citizens Audit Committee meeting.  Teleconference:  866-361-7525; participant code:  3877541849#.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

          2:00 p.m.–Citizens Depopulation Committee meeting.  Teleconference:  855-312-8651; participant code:  4458606638#.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

            4:30 p.m.–Citizens Finance and Investment Committee meeting.  Teleconference:  866-361-7525; participant code:  2478401990#.  To view the meeting notice, click here.



              Daily Insurance-Related News


              Blog:  Judge denies injunction to block Florida PIP reform

              A federal judge has denied an injunction that would have blocked implementation of reforms to Florida’s personal injury protection system.


              Opinion:  Florida’s new personal injury protection reform law a bad joke on consumers

              Consumers hurt by new personal injury protection law

              Several months ago I wrote on the upcoming personal injury protection (PIP) law, due to take effect Jan 1. While the majority of my practice is in the field of functional neurology and metabolic therapy, I’ve been practicing for more than 30 years, so it is inevitable that I would see car crash-injured patients.


              Cape Coral men are found guilty in “Operation Whiplash” case

              A federal jury found Cape Coral residents Francisco Huici Fernandez, (40) and Adrian Perez (22) guilty of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and mail fraud on Tuesday.


              Florida auto auction company owner arrested

              John Henry said surveillance cameras were hidden all over his home.  “It was a little James Bondish. A detective came in and introduced himself, swore me under oath, had glock on his hip,” said Henry.


              Editorial:  What it takes for insurance reform

              They want to make sure all Citizens Property Insurance Corp. clients know that if our state gets hit by a really bad storm, those clients will be paying extra to pick up others’ tabs


              Missing from St. Petersburg council report on red light cameras: Crashes actually increased

              A one-inch thick report for the City Council about red light cameras touted their safety benefits, the money they generated and how they had changed motorists’ behavior for the better.


              THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  $36 million judgment tossed out in tobacco case

              A South Florida appeals court Wednesday reversed itself and rejected a $36.76 million judgment against tobacco company Philip Morris USA in a case filed by a longtime smoker who became ill.


              Regulators brace for influx of Obamacare filings

              Insurance regulators say they need additional positions to handle thousands of new filings anticipated from health insurers next year.


              News Release:  Security First Insurance “likes” using social media to help seriously ill children

              Company’s holiday promotion helps chronically ill children attend Florida-based camp

              Kaitlyn, a seven-year-old cancer patient, can barely pronounce the name of her disease – or the names of the various treatments she’s undergone since her diagnosis.


              Florida to be first with 1 million concealed gun permits

              Florida will be the first state to have issued 1 million permits allowing people to carry concealed firearms, said Adam Putnam, Florida’s commissioner of agriculture and consumer affairs.

              Bennett is new Florida education commissioner

              Bennett lost a re-election bid to a Democrat who organized a grass roots campaign in opposition to his policies regarding vouchers, merit pay and charter schools.


              Blog:  Regulators to decide controversial settlement over FPL rates at hearing today

              Florida utility regulators on Thursday will consider one of the most pivotal cases of their term – whether to approve a base rate increase of more than $543 million for Florida Power & Light without the consent of the office that represents consumers.


              Patronis to seek state Senate seat

              The November election is barely in the rearview mirror, but one local politician already is looking to 2016.


              Task force recommends agency actions, legislation to protect Florida’s military bases

              Florida’s 20 military installations provide a $60-billion annual economic impact and contribute 686,000 jobs to Florida’s economy. 


              Governor Rick Scott wants students getting tax credit scholarships to take state tests

              Gov. Rick Scott wants students who use tax-credit scholarships to attend private schools to take the same standardized tests as their peers in public schools, stirring a backlash from some private schools.


              California tops Judicial Hellholes list

              California finds itself at the top of this year’s Judicial Hellholes rankings, knocking Philadelphia from the perch.  The American Tort Reform Association released its annual report Thursday, and says “no significant signs of much needed reform can be found in the barely solvent Golden State.”




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