Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Thursday, August 16

Aug 16, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


9:00 a.m.–Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guaranty Association Workgroup meeting.  Agenda includes discussion of issues and concerns resulting from recent insolvencies, including large deductible policies, collateral and employee leasing policies.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

9:30 a.m.–Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (“OIR”) Proposed Rule Hearing  

  • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-143.045, which was originally promulgated in the 1970s and defines a list of domestic insurer-related terms–many of which are now inconsistent with portions of the Florida Insurance Code.  To view the hearing notice, click here.
  • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-142.011, which establishes penalty guidelines for insurer conduct violations discovered or investigated through financial examinations, market conduct examinations or OIR investigations.  Many of the existing fines have become antiquated due to inflation.  To view the hearing notice, click here.
  • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-198.003, which prohibits any person, entity or administrator from providing or offering to provide service warranties unless authorized through OIR license, because it is a restatement of Section 634.403, F.S. and, therefore, unnecessary.  To view the hearing notice, click here.
  • Proposed repeal of Rule 69O-170.012, which prohibits insurers from non-renewing or canceling property insurance policies “on the basis of filing of claims for partial loss caused by sinkhole damage or clay shrinkage.”  Legislative changes have caused this Rule to become antiquated and unnecessary.  To view the hearing notice, click here.

1:00 p.m.–OIR Proposed Rule Hearing.  Consideration of amendments to Rule 69O-149.003, “Rate Filing Procedures.”  To view the hearing notice, click here.



    Daily Insurance-Related News

    Double-digit property insurance hikes the norm

    Those who have looked at their property insurance premiums already know it: Double-digit rate increases are the norm this year for many in South Florida.


    Woman killed while parasailing in Pompano Beach

    Investigators say a harness broke while a vacationing couple was at least 150 feet in the air

    A woman on vacation from Connecticut plummeted to her death Wednesday afternoon when her harness broke while she was parasailing with her husband off Pompano Beach.


    The Florida Current’s Campaign Roundup:  Goodbye primary, hello general election

    Florida’s primary is over, but there are still 84 more days left of campaign season for all of the political junkies out there left unsatisfied by Tuesday’s undercard races. 


    Florida primaries treat legislative leaders well

    Former Rep. Aaron Bean, Rep. Jeff Brandes and former Senate President Tom Lee each won key Republican primaries Tuesday, getting help from the largesse of Senate leaders and issuing a setback to Sen. Jack Latvala’s bid to be Senate President.

    Florida man pleads guilty in $60 million Medicare scam

    The owner of a Miami health care agency has pleaded guilty for his role in a $60 million home health Medicare fraud scheme.


    Health officials watching for unusual diseases during Republican National Convention

    Police will be on a heightened state of alert during the Republican National Convention.  Doctors, too.


    THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  FPL Pitches Rate Settlement

    Just days before the start of a possibly contentious hearing before state regulators, Florida Power & Light said Wednesday it will seek approval of a settlement agreement that would increase customers’ base electric rates next year by $548 million.


    Blog:  USDA Secretary Adam Putnam?

    Mitt Romney today named Floria Agriculture Secretary Adam Putnam a national chairman of his “Farmers and Ranchers for Romney coalition.” Putnam already serves as Florida Chairman of the Romney campaign.


    North Carolina Elections Board to Weigh Insurance Commissioner Campaign Complaint

    State Board of Elections officials likely will use a less severe method to consider campaign finance accusations made by North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin against Republican challenger Mike Causey.



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