Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Monday, November 06, 2017

Nov 6, 2017

Lawmakers Foresee “Headwinds” In Passing Major Insurance Legislation

Republican Senator Anitere Flores, who represents the Irma-battered Florida Keys, said Friday that Property Insurance will be the “Main” Insurance Issue she will tackle in the upcoming Legislative Session.’s Ana Ceballos reports.

State Officials Seeking Alternatives For Elderly, Disabled Needing Hurricane Irma Food Stamps

State Officials are requesting the Federal Government allow people with disabilities and the elderly to skip long lines that have plagued Hurricane Irma Food Relief Sites in South Florida.  The Sun-Sentinel’s Skyler Swisher reports.

Miami Voters Should Approve Bonds to Address Sea-Level Rise, Affordable Housing and Public Safety

Miami Voters have their best opportunity yet to fortify the City as Sea-Level Rise already makes its relentless approach.  The Miami Herald Editorial Board reports.

Unlocked And Loaded

More than 80,000 Guns have gone missing in Florida over the last Decade. Most will never be recovered.  The Tampa Bay Times reports.

Florida Construction Company Owner Arrested For $1M Workers’ Comp Scam

The Owner of a Florida Construction Company has been arrested for allegedly obtaining a Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Policy by underreporting the number of staff he employed, the Company’s annual payroll amount and the Company’s scope of work.  Insurance Journal reports.

When the Goal is Getting to The ER Fast and Cheap, Some Choose Ride Sharing Over 911

Ride-Sharing Drivers in Tampa Bay and beyond are noticing an uptick in rides to and from the Emergency Room as Consumers try to avoid spending what could be thousands of dollars for an Ambulance.  Justine Griffin reports for the Tampa Bay Times.

4,500 Homes Could be Coming to Palm Beach County’s Newest City

Welcome to Palm Beach County’s Newest City: Westlake (pop. 5). Only a handful of people live in this hamlet just to the north of Wellington.  The Sun-Sentinel reports via Crain’s Miami.

Calls For Reform Ahead Of December 8 NFIP Deadline

The National Flood Insurance Program is due for Renewal next month, with Insurers and other Constituencies calling for Reform of the Decades-Old Federal Program.  The New York Times reports via the PCI SmartBrief.

·         New York Times:  A Broke and Broken Flood Insurance Program

As California Wildfires Raged, Insurers Sent In Private Firefighters to Protect Homes of the Wealthy

Increasingly, Insurance Carriers are finding Wildfires, such as those in California, are an opportunity to provide protection beyond what most people get through Publicly Funded Fire Fighting.  The Wall Street Journal reports via

U.S. Supreme Court Accepts Credit Card Antitrust Case Brought By States

In this Ohio v. American Express Ohio has asked the Supreme Court to offer guidance on its “Rule of Reason” Test under Antitrust Law.  The “Quick-Look” Version of this Test requires the Government to show Anticompetitive Harms and the Defendant to show Procompetitive Benefits.  Lisa Sorensen reports for the Council of State Governments.

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