Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, May 7

May 7, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


Citizens Property Insurance working to again be “insurer of last resort”

Citizens Property Insurance has some new ambitious goals:  Move as many as 678,000 policyholders out of state-run insurance and once again become the “insurer of last resort.”


Opinion:  Florida’s risky business

There’s nothing wrong with Citizens Property Insurance wanting to cut 678,000 customers from its rolls to improve its financial position.


Insurance options increase on coast

Traditional insurance companies are still generally avoiding coastal risks. But a few companies new to Mississippi’s coastal market are writing wind coverage for well-built homes near the waterfront.


Hurricane sales tax holiday set for May 26-27

Stocking up on flashlights, batteries and other items to get ready for hurricane season this summer? You might want to wait until May 26 and 27, when the state holds a sales tax holiday for hurricane preparedness items.


Treasure Coast is ripe with fire-favorable conditions

Colleen Thomas still is stunned by the waves of flames that lashed up close to her Hobe Sound home, swirling hot embers skyward.


Hiring unlicensed contractors leads to big risks 

Would you place your air-conditioning unit or roof in the hands of a fly-by-night company to save a buck? Are there more unlicensed contractors offering bargains across Florida because of the bad economy?


Fort Myers firm part of insurance operations merger

Tim Shaw Insurance Group is growing.


Florida tries to end the billion dollar fraud

Governor Rick Scott has signed into law one of his top priorities for 2012.


Rx for Danger:  Law enforcers tap state’s prescription-monitoring program for patient, physician data

Supporters of Florida’s prescription-drug-monitoring program, which tracks prescriptions for painkillers and other controlled substances, touted the database as a tool for law enforcement to help catch drug abusers and dealers.


Florida embraces self-driving cars, as engineers and lawmakers prepare for the new technology                    

It may be years before you can take your hands off the wheel and have your car go where you tell it.


Feds spend millions to help Florida’s struggling patients

Community health centers for low-income Floridians have seen a growing stream of patients since the Great Recession, as middle-class residents lost their jobs, lost their insurance and turned to public clinics.


Blog:  Everglades settlement in the works between feds and state

Peace may finally be at hand in the decades-long Everglades dirty-water war.


Redrawn Florida congressional maps mean competitive elections for First Coast

The once-a-decade process of redrawing the state’s political lines has left a big footprint on the First Coast.


Blog:  Governor Rick Scott creates “blue ribbon task force” to study university system

After rejecting university leaders’ requests for more funding and vetoing a proposal to allow some universities to impose unlimited tuition increases, Florida Governor Rick Scott on Friday announced a task force to evaluate the state’s university system and suggest ideas for reform.


Texas Attorney General Takes on State Farm Non-Renewal Plans

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is taking issue with one of the nation’s largest homeowners insurer’s plan to non-renew thousands of policies for properties along the Gulf Coast.



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