Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, March 19

Mar 19, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

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Daily Insurance-Related News


Insurance Executive Blasts Florida Inaction on Hurricane Fund, Citizens Property Insurance

Florida lawmakers have put taxpayers at risk by not reforming the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund or Citizen’s Property Insurance Corp. in advance of the 2012 hurricane season, an insurance executive has warned.


Brevard County eager to settle storm tab with Federal Emergency Management Agency

County awaits feds to reimburse coast of some 2004-05 repairs

Brevard County was supposed to get money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for replacement of a fishing pier, recreation facilities and maintenance buildings that were damaged in hurricanes and tropical storms during 2004 and 2005.


Florida House Office of Public Information:  Personal Injury Protection

This document includes background information, quick facts, frequently asked questions and additional resources about CS/CS/HB 119.


Public employee pension case headed to Supreme Court

The 1st District Court of Appeal found that the legal battle over mandatory pension contributions by public employees presents issues of great public importance that the high court should resolve as quickly as possible.


Steven Harris appointed interim director of the Florida Department of Health

Steven Harris M.D. is acting as director of the Florida Department of Health, it was announced Tuesday by Department of Health and the Governor’s Office. The department must be run by a physician.


New Florida state secretary takes over at critical time

Ken Detzner wasn’t looking for a new job, but Governor Rick Scott gave him one anyway.


Florida courts to take $30 million hit 

The roughly $70 billion budget passed by the state Legislature cuts more than $30 million from clerks of court across the state, and while it’s not clear exactly how much of those cuts will affect Bay County officials say they are prepared for the worst.


Aggressive foreclosures backfire on Florida homeowners associations

Ralph and Michael Chancey have gotten some great deals on real estate.


Redistricting could pit several incumbent Palm Beach County state legislators against each other  

Now it gets interesting. Redistricting could force several incumbent Palm Beach County legislators to fight each other for reelection this year while leaving two state House seats wide open.


The Florida Current’s 2012 Session summary: Budget and Taxes

Here’s what passed, what failed and what you need to know about budget and tax issues passed by state lawmakers.


The Florida Current’s 2012 Session summary:  Commerce and Economic Development

Florida business interests were able to pass most of their agenda, but they weren’t able to prevent physicians from dispensing repackaged drugs for workers’ compensation patients proved futile.


The Florida Current’s 2012 Session summary:  State and Local Administration

After a 2011 session marked by major changes to employee pensions and attempts to make more sweeping changes to state employee health benefits, lawmakers were much more modest in changes proposed this year, and many of them did not pass.


Integrity index gives Florida politics a C-  

The first time Florida Senator Chris Smith, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat, ran for office, he was just three years out of law school – a 28-year-old who still believed in the power of his lucky navy blue suit.


Despite Sunshine Law, Florida’s open government regulation weak

Florida’s Sunshine Law is among the nation’s strongest pieces of open government legislation, a study released Monday said.


Business lobby won many battles during the 2012 session, but it lost a few, too

Following the election of a multimillionaire businessman as governor and stronger-than-ever Republican majorities in the Legislature, last year’s law-making session was a bit like Christmas-come-early for Florida’s business lobby.


Blog:  Alabama bill — Give Insurers Millions for Coast

The state would give $2.5 million to each insurance company that meets benchmarks for covering south Alabama properties currently enrolled with Alabama’s insurer of last resort under a bill filed in the Alabama Legislature.


Louisiana Lawmaker Loses Insurance Committee Post Over Vote

A state lawmaker has been ousted from his leadership position, a day after voting against a tax break sought by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.


Financial Services Roundtable:  Federal Insurance Office Should Coordinate Federal Insurance Activity to Avoid Onerous Demands

The Financial Services Roundtable wants the Treasury Department to use the Federal Insurance Office to coordinate all federal-agency activities regarding insurance in order to ensure that onerous and duplicative federal intervention in the insurance business does not occur.


Insurance company ordered to pay homeowner $8 million 

An elderly Hollywood Hills resident whose home was nearly destroyed when a dump truck crashed into it, rupturing a gas line and causing an explosion, was awarded more than $8 million after jurors found that his insurance company of more than 50 years failed to honor its contract.



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