Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, March 18

Mar 18, 2013


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


Florida’s 2013 Regular Legislative Session

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There are no Florida insurance-related events scheduled for today.



Daily Florida Insurance-Related News


Lawmakers focus on paring Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund

South Florida lawmakers will continue to push this week for changes to the state’s Hurricane Catastrophe Fund, which backs up insurers and gives them the means to offer lower-cost coverage to Floridians.


Support for Red-Light Cameras May Be Dimming

State Representative Neil Combee supported red-light cameras until last December, when a camera at North Florida Avenue and Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland snagged him for a violation.


State Representative Perry Thurston:  Foot-dragging on Medicaid will cost state money and lives

Across the country, state leaders are debating whether to expand Medicaid as called for under the federal Affordable Care Act.


Coming Up in the Senate:  Four Business-Backed Bills to Improve Florida’s Legal Climate

As the Florida Legislature gears up for the third week of the 2013 session, Senate committees are expected to start taking up four pieces of legislation which have the backing of a growing alliance of business advocates that make up the newly-formed Coalition of Legal Reform.


Florida Strikes Deal With Feds On Water Pollution Limits

State and federal environmental authorities have agreed on rules to reduce water pollution, but environmentalists slammed the deal, saying it isn’t tough enough on how much fertilizer and other pollutants should be allowed in Florida waters.


THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Former Senator Larcenia Bullard Dies

Former Senator Larcenia Bullard, a popular and gregarious figure in the Capitol whose husband and son followed her into the Legislature, has died, according to an aide to her son. She was 65.


Blog:  Senator Jack Latvala welcomes Brandes to the Senate

There was a little political grudge match this week at the Capitol.


Small businesses fear backlash from anti-gaming center legislation

The Roadhouse in Orange Park offers patrons cold beer, hot wings and a chance to relax, whether it’s playing one of the tavern’s five sweepstakes machines, shooting pool or having a friendly game of darts.


New York Times:  In Florida, a Political Marriage Soured Before a Top Official Stepped Down

As the annual press corps political roast unfolded here on Tuesday evening, Governor Rick Scott stared stone-faced, holding a secret, while he watched a reporter spoof his strained relationship with his lieutenant governor, Jennifer Carroll.


17 Staffers Who’ve Resigned Since Florida Governor Took Office

Although Rick Scott campaigned on job creation, the Rick Scott Blog Watch calls the governor “the Typhoid Mary to careers.”


Group supervision and solvency vex U.S. and EU regulatory talks

The U.S. and Europe are at loggerheads over finding a common regulatory framework for insurers.



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