Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, June 25

Jun 25, 2012



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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


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Daily Insurance-Related News


Insurance regulators’ backlog delaying effects of sinkhole law

The Office of Insurance Regulation has a severe backlog in approving changes to property insurance coverage, preventing much of the market from taking advantage of a 2011 law aimed at reducing sinkhole claims.


Senator Mike Fasano:  Citizens Property Insurance has lost sight of its market – people

Citizens Property Insurance.  Just the name can send chills down the spines of policyholders.


Rising seas mean shrinking South Florida future, experts say 

Under current projections, the Atlantic would swallow much of the Florida Keys and Miami-Dade in a century, according to experts at a sea-level rise summit.


PIP reforms come with many unanswered questions

Personal injury protection – the auto insurance that every Florida driver is required to buy – is about to undergo a major overhaul that state officials hope will translate into lower premiums for millions of motorists.


Supreme Court’s ruling on health-care reform will set off scramble in Florida

The Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on the 2010 health care reform law will set off a scramble in Florida no matter what the court decides.


Blog:  Accidentally released tax-incentive data show Rick Scott cutting cheaper deals with companies – and a majority were already here

Flanked by Mickey Mouse and corporate chieftains, Governor Rick Scott touted his goal of “investing in our ports” last week when Walt Disney said it would ship tons of souvenirs through the Port of Jacksonville to its theme parks and resorts.


Across Florida, court clerks reduce hours available to the public

Overwhelmed by increasing workloads and another round of state budget cuts, court clerks all over Florida are following through on a threat to reduce hours.


Florida spending $100,000 to ask landowners about roads

Florida is spending tens of thousands of dollars to help officials figure out where to put roads in the future.


Up Go Florida Tolls on Sunday

The cost to drive Florida’s Turnpike, from Interstate 75 to Homestead, will jump by more than $3 Sunday morning for most SunPass users.


Tom Lee wants back in the Senate, to the chagrin of some lobbyists            

Tom Lee left politics six years ago with his reputation for blunt talk intact.


Lawsuit Seeks to Curb Powers of New Federal Consumer Financial Board

A small bank and two conservative advocacy groups said on Thursday that they would file a lawsuit against the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, challenging what they call the agency’s “unlimited regulatory power.”


Ruling “a big deal” for Georgia homeowners

A Georgia Supreme Court ruling is shaking up the way insurance payments for damaged real estate are doled out, and it could have big consequences for homeowners across the state.


Maryland Insurance Regulators Set Up Facebook Page to Help Consumers

Maryland Insurance Administration announced this week that the agency has set up a new Facebook page to reach out to the state’s consumers.


South Carolina House Overrides Veto of Insurance Tax Earmark for Wildfires

The South Carolina House this week overrode Governor Nikki Haley’s veto of a bill that would provide an agency with new, safer equipment to fight wildfires.



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