Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, February 13

Feb 13, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


Florida’s 2012 Regular Legislative Session

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9:00 a.m.–Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Long-Term Care Managed Care Technical Advisory Workgroup meeting.  Continued discussion on the Medicaid eligibility process.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

1:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m.–Florida House of Representatives Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee.  To view the meeting notice, click here.

  • CS/CS/HB 385 relating to Medical Malpractice by House Judiciary Committee; House Civil Justice Subcommittee; State Representative Matt Gaetz; State Representative Doc Renuart
  • HB 725 relating to Insurance Agents and Adjusters by State Representative Bill Hager
  • CS/HB 1011 relating to Warranty Associations by State Representative Joe Abruzzo
  • CS/HB 1065 relating to Annuities by State Representative Doug Broxson



      Daily Insurance-Related News


      Citizens Property Insurance not only company under fire; more suits to be filed Monday

      The 10 News Investigators have learned the group suing Citizens Insurance for artificially inflating replacement cost values will file additional suits Monday morning.


      In a twist, lawmakers, insurers argue Citizens Property Insurance in good shape                

      It’s almost heresy in the Capitol, but one conclusion leaps out in the debate surrounding Citizens Property Insurance Corp. in certain committee rooms this year:  Florida’s much maligned state-run insurer is in solid financial shape.


      Letter — Explanation of home insurance rates:  It’s the state’s fault 

      Robert Weckerle, Vero BeachLetter:  Explanation of home insurance rates — It’s the state’s fault I want to thank Tasha Carter (director, division of consumer affairs, Florida Department of Financial Services) for her thoughtful explanation as to how home insurance rates are adjusted within Florida.


      Should out-of-state carriers get more access to insure Floridians?

      One lawmaker calls it “dangerous.” Another warns it will turn Florida’s Insurance landscape into the “Wild West.”

      Personal Injury Protection ordinance:  A lesson in collaboration  

      One short year ago Hillsborough County had the most incidents of personal injury protection fraud in Florida and the second most in the country behind New York City.


      University of South Florida study slams Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study on traffic cameras

      New cameras snap hundreds of photos a day at red lights across the Tampa area. Motorists are paying millions in fines.


      Texting-while-driving ban up again in Legislature  

      Joyce Concklin has 10 good reasons why every state should pass a ban on texting while driving:  That’s the number of bones she broke when a texting driver ran into her.


      Florida gets $119 million in health care reform funds

      While Governor Rick Scott has made news by rejecting several grants funded by the federal health care reform act, a study by an independent nonprofit group finds that Florida organizations have quietly received $119.6 million in reform act funds over the past two years.


      Florida Senate releases $70.8 billion budget

      The Florida Senate released a $70.8 billion budget late Friday that would spend more money and spare more jobs than the plan that has already passed the House.


      Legislature faces host of issues in final month of work

      With the Legislature passing the midpoint of its 60-day session last week, lawmakers have made real progress on the biggest issues on their agenda for the year.


      Pair of bills raise concerns during otherwise quiet session on growth management

      Legislative leaders said they expected a quiet 2012 session on growth management after the Legislature adopted sweeping and controversial changes last year.


      Governor Rick Scott touts another jobs coup, but lawmakers cut his incentives

      Announcements of such projects as a new 250,000 square-foot food distribution center in Charlotte County are a staple of the Scott administration.


      Fewer dollars flowing into Florida school repairs fund

      What do landline telephones have to do with school repairs?


      Rising House speaker ascends leadership ladder quickly

      Will Weatherford is used to other people in his family getting the limelight.


      Florida Representative Denise Grimsleys Balancing Act

      All of a sudden Denise Grimsley finds herself smack in the middle of a tug-of-war between House and Senate — maneuvering the budget — the thing that morphs into the annual showdown to decide which is the stronger chamber.


      State Senator Gary Siplin:  Political survivor in state capitol

      State Senator Gary Siplin charts his own path through the Florida Legislature.


      Attorney continues fight for shipwreck’s booty

      A billion-dollar maritime treasure will remain in Tampa Bay bank vaults if a Key West lawyer successfully argues that the fortune belongs to several wealthy South American families and not the Spanish government or the salvagers who found it.


      Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Offers to Settle Katrina-Rita Suit for $80 million

      Louisiana’s property insurer of last resort has offered to settle a dispute over slow handling of hurricane claims from 2005 for up to $80 million, with no more than $25 million of that for attorneys’ fees – an offer that could sharply reduce the money that policyholders eventually receive.


      Ex-Legislator Hired as Number 2 at Louisiana Insurance Department

      A former state lawmaker has landed a $150,000 a year job as the No. 2 official at the state Department of Insurance.


      New York Times:  The Big Money Behind State Laws

      It is no coincidence that so many state legislatures have spent the last year taking the same destructive actions:  Making it harder for minorities and other groups that support Democrats to vote, obstructing health care reform, weakening environmental regulations and breaking the spines of public- and private-sector unions.



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