Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Monday, April 20, 2015

Apr 20, 2015


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Insurers lament apparent demise of bills to curb contractor control

With the state legislative session winding down, Florida insurers mourned the stalling of bills to control what they see as “assignment of benefit” abuses.  The Palm Beach Post’s Charles Elmore reports via the “Protecting Your Pocket” blog.


Southwest Florida Woman Urges Florida Legislature to Change Pawnbroker Laws

Florida’s pawnbroking act requires that pawnbrokers place a 90-day hold on all property law enforcement has deemed stolen. The hold allows for the rightful owner to either purchase the goods for the same amount the pawnshop did or else take time to go through the courts system, Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster reports via Scripps’ “Political Fix Florida” blog.


Teacher Liability Insurance Proposal Clears Florida House

A bill requiring the state to provide liability insurance to protect public school teachers cleared the House on Wednesday, Jenna Buzzacco-Foerster reports via Scripps’ “Political Fix Florida” blog.


Slew of health care proposals gain steam late in Session

A contentious debate over Medicaid expansion has overshadowed much of the 2015 legislative session, but it isn’t the only health care issue under consideration.  Kathleen McGrory reports for the Tampa Bay Times.


Andy Gardiner calls for meeting on Medicaid funding options

Senate President Andy Gardiner has scheduled a Tuesday workshop for senators to brush up on the Medicaid issues that have brought the session to a standstill.’s Christine Jordan Sexton reports.


Legislature heads into strange territory — session homestretch with no budget work

A standoff over health insurance is forcing Florida lawmakers into strange territory — the final two weeks of a legislative Session without work on a state budget, the only bill they must pass each year.  The Palm Beach Post’s John Kennedy reports via the “Post on Politics” blog.


House Leadership Fight Is the Latest Political Drama in Tallahassee

Tallahassee’s full of fights this Session.  Now you can add a House leadership contest to the bill, says’s Jeff Henderson.


Obama, Insurers Welcome Bipartisan Trade Authority Measure

The White House would get its desired clarity of authority to negotiate a Pacific trade agreement while lawmakers would get the right to set negotiating parameters and to have a yes-or-no-vote on such pacts under a bipartisan proposal unveiled Thursday.  Insurance Journal reports.






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