Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, November 9

Nov 9, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

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Daily Insurance-Related News

Florida site raises eyebrows on insurance rates in face of claims Citizens Property Insurance charges too little

As many as 24 other home insurers charge lower rates on average in Palm Beach County than state-run Citizens, according to a state website that some industry groups say can be useful but risks giving a “distorted” picture.


Florida leaders still deciding fate of Obamacare

President Barack Obama’s signature health care program, which could extend coverage to most of the 4 million uninsured Floridians, is hardly a done deal in the Sunshine State.


Corporate tax cut on agenda

Florida Governor Rick Scott will keep pushing to cut the state’s corporate income tax in the coming year – but in a way that may make it hard for him to keep his promise of eliminating the tax entirely.


Florida Governor Scott to discuss Florida election issues with Secretary of State

Florida Governor Rick Scott, heavily criticized when he refused to use his emergency powers to extend the number of early voting days in the state, now says he’s willing to look at whether changes are needed to make voting go smoother.


Blog:  Bombshell … Chris Dorworth likely to concede race for Florida House District 29 on Friday

It is with a heavy heart that I share news via a most senior Republican leader in the Florida House that one-time Speaker Designate Chris Dorworth will on Friday concede the race for House District 29 after a count of the provisional ballots found Dorworth further trailing his Democratic challenger Mike Clelland.


Congressman Allen West, Patrick Murphy race update:  West pushes for ballot recounts hearing

While U.S. Representative Allen West fights for his political life by demanding more ballots be counted – and, in some cases, recounted – Patrick Murphy kicked off a tour of handshakes and thank-you’s Thursday celebrating the congressional seat he’s sure he has won.


THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Criticism, Questions Mount About Florida’s Voting and Counting Process

With Florida going into Thursday as the only state in the union that hadn’t determined which presidential candidate won, criticism of the voting system again began to mount and calls arose for a new look at voting procedures.


Supreme Court moves challenge to 3 victorious justices to circuit court

The Florida Supreme Court shrugged off a challenge to the retention election of three justices Thursday, asking a local trial court to examine the election-eve petition filed by a conservative foundation that questioned their qualifying papers.


Leaders High on Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Drive to Lessen Small-Business Income Tax Burden

Attending the National Realtors annual convention in Orlando on Thursday, Governor Rick Scott emphasized that he intends to pursue further raising the bar to give small businesses a chance to avoid paying taxable income.


2012 Election Results Won’t Alter How Florida Governor Rick Scott Looks to 2014

Governor Rick Scott said he’s willing to review if improvements can be made to the voting process in Florida.


Five questions for Incoming Senate President Don Gaetz

Two days after the election, incoming Senate President Don Gaetz is ensconced in his new office.


Report urges Northeast Florida to make its case as a freight gateway

Northeast Florida must be at the front of the pack when the federal government develops a national plan for moving freight around the country, according to a draft report unveiled Thursday of the region’s freight-moving capabilities.


Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance board increases rates, CEO pay while $56 million in the red

The board of the state-run insurer of last resort acknowledged that it faced a $56 million deficit due to claims from Hurricane Isaac and lawsuit settlements and hiked commercial rates by 45 percent before granting a $50,000 pay raise to the company’s top executive Thursday.



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