Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20, 2016


Is Broward Ready for a Hurricane Hit?  Drill Shows How Rescue Would Work

Broward County conducted a full-scale hurricane drill at the Emergency Operations Center in Plantation to prepare for the June 1 opening of hurricane season, the Sun-Sentinel’s David Fleshler reports.


Top Ranked South Florida Insurance Agencies

A Miami-based company ranked first on the South Florida Business Journal’s list of insurance agencies.


Nenezian to Retire from Florida-Based NSI Insurance, Seikaly Becomes Chairman

Oscar Seikaly has purchased the remaining stake in Florida-Based NSI Insurance Group from long-time partner and company founder George Nenezian, who concurrently announced his retirement, Insurance Journal reports.


Key West Cracking Down on Vacation Rentals

In Key West, a license is required for rentals shorter than 30 days, the Miami Herald’s Gwen Filosa reports.


Florida Supreme Court Gives Nod to City in Utility Battle

In a dispute with implications for utilities and local governments across the state, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday backed regulatory decisions that will allow the city of Vero Beach to continue providing electric service in nearby areas of Indian River County.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Saunders reports via


Florida Supreme Court Rejects FPL Natural Gas Plan

Utility regulators exceeded their authority in allowing Florida Power & Light to invest ratepayers’ money in a controversial Oklahoma natural-gas project, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Turner reports via


Jacksonville, 12th Most Populous City, is also 12th Fastest Growing City

The U.S. Census Bureau released new data Thursday that reveal how cities’ population estimates changed, the Florida Times-Union’s Andrew Pantazi reports.


Nile Crocodiles Slither into South Florida

Researchers have confirmed that three Nile Crocodiles were captured near Miami, and they say it’s possible more of the man-eating reptiles are still out there, although no one can say for sure.  The Orlando Sentinel’s Terry Spencer reports.


Arizona Governor Signs Law to Close Agent Malpractice Loophole

Arizona’s Governor has signed a Bill to fix a loophole that exposes Agents who write Auto Policies to Malpractice Suits, Insurance Journal reports.


Google Patents Sticky Hood to Save Pedestrians

The Patent notes that the worst injuries in pedestrian collisions often happen when the pedestrian is thrown from the vehicle, colliding with either objects or the road.





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