Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, March 16

Mar 16, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

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Daily Insurance-Related News


How Workers’ Compensation Fared in 2012 Florida Legislature

While their debates over property insurance and no-fault auto insurance consumed the attention of state officials and the media, Florida lawmakers were quietly dealing with several other insurance issues including workers’ compensation.


Medicaid shift could take longer than expected

Florida’s overhaul of the Medicaid system likely will take longer than expected, with some beneficiaries not enrolled in HMOs or other types of managed-care plans until 2015, according to a revised state timeline.


Florida attorney general fires chief of Medicaid fraud investigations

State Attorney General Pam Bondi demoted the head of her Medicaid fraud investigative unit and fired another top staffer this week, citing reports of poor leadership and employee discontent.


“No-brainer” water permitting bill dies in Florida Senate despite backing, leaving House chairman “speechless”

A House committee chairwoman said Thursday that her committee’s bill to extend the length of water-use permits seemed like a “no-brainer” and she was surprised it died without a vote in the Senate.


Incumbents beware:  Revised Florida Senate districts coming over the weekend

As the Florida Senate begins its two-week special session to sort out its chamber’s redistricting plan revisions, its members learn that the new map could pit incumbents against each other in redrawn


Leon County Judge Upholds Law on Party Jumping by Florida Senator Nancy Argenziano

A former Republican who jumped to a minor party last year must wait until 2014 to run for Congress as a Democrat as she wants.


Florida Legislature shifts power to Governor Rick Scott’s office

Thanks to the Legislature, Governor Rick Scott has a little more power.


Blog:  Florida Senator Nancy Argenziano loses lawsuit, can’t run as a Democrat

A Tallahassee-based Circuit Court judge ruled against former state Senator Nancy Argenziano, saying the Department of State is not violating her rights by barring her from running for Congress as a Democrat.


Opinion:  Florida Legislature left lengthy to-do list for next year

The Florida Legislature isn’t done.  Lawmakers remain in Tallahassee to redraw the proposed state Senate district maps that the Florida Supreme Court declared unconstitutional. They have vowed to finish by March 28, if not sooner.


Florida political committees among nation’s top spenders, report shows

Political committees that helped drive the election of Florida Governor Rick Scott two years ago were among the biggest independent spenders in the nation, according to a report Thursday by the nonpartisan National Institute on Money in State Politics.


Nearly 400 Gubernatorial Appointments Go Unconfirmed by Senate “Jammed” for Time

In the frantic final hours of the 2012 regular session, as bills were debated regarding auto insurance, Citizens Property Insurance, the parent trigger for charter schools and the budget, senators found time to slip in the confirmation of eight appointments by Governor Rick Scott — and failed to confirm almost 400 others.


Tampa, Miami lead Florida’s February foreclosure increases

During the regular legislative session that ended this past week, Florida lawmakers attempted to speed up the foreclosure process this year, but a bill that would have streamlined cases was never taken up by the Senate after passing the House.


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Here’s what passed, what failed and what you need to know about developments in gaming and casino gambling.


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Allstate Continues to Seek Damages from New York Personal Injury Protection Fraudsters

Allstate Insurance Co. is continuing its drive to recoup hundreds of millions of dollars allegedly lost to fraud, as the insurer has filed another lawsuit in New York — this time seeking $2 million from 27 defendants.


Louisiana State police arrest pair on insurance fraud 

State troopers have arrested two people accused of submitting fraudulent insurance claims in Ouachita Parish.



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