Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, June 15

Jun 15, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


There are no insurance-related events scheduled for today.



Daily Insurance-Related News


Insurance Executives Urge Political Stability in Florida

Until Florida creates an atmosphere of political and regulatory stability, and allows companies to turn a profit, the private market will remain reluctant to write homeowners in the state, said a panel of insurance executives.


Database to provide more information to 911 dispatchers

An online network newly opened to Collier County residents will allow 911 dispatchers to see a caller’s photo, address and information like allergies and medical complications, if the caller chooses to create a profile.


The high cost of riding helmetless in Florida 

Every time I see someone cruising on a motorcycle down State Road 72 with a balmy subtropical breeze in his or her hair, I think about how I’m helping to pay for what is probably a delightful sensation that I’m never going to feel for myself.


Blog:  Florida Governor Rick Scott appoints Arcadian Health Plan executive to universities Board of Governors               

There will be a new face at the Florida Board of Governor’s big meeting in Orlando next week. Elizabeth Webster, the regional vice president of health services for Arcadian Health Plan, has just been appointed to the board by Governor Rick Scott.


Blog:  Florida Senate leaders get behind Representative John Legg’s campaign

On Monday Representative John Legg’s Senate campaign got an endorsement from incoming Speaker Will Weatherford.


Kiplinger names Orlando high job-growth city

Financial news magazine Kiplinger named Orlando one of eight high job-growth cities, citing a 15 percent job growth and 150, 000 news jobs in the city over the next five years.


Feds announce record payments to counties in lieu of paying property taxes

Collier County will receive $1.2 million, the most of any Florida county.


Ports, roads are focus of transportation spending

Governor Rick Scott spotlighted the state’s committment to spending hundreds of millions of dollars on transportation projects with a ceremonial bill signing at the Port of Miami on Thursday.


Blog:  Dozens of Florida millionaires line up for second job — a seat in the Legislature

Florida lawmakers like to say that theyre just like the rest of us.


Florida agency watchdog ousted after criticizing boss’ friend

The state’s top juvenile justice investigator, who wrote a scathing report last year accusing one of the agency head’s closest friends of financial wrongdoing, is out of a job after a 25-year career in state government.


Florida Governor Rick Scott tells growers E-Verify for them would be foolish

Governor Rick Scott, who said while campaigning for governor that he would require employers to use the federal E-Verify system to check immigration status, now acknowledges that requiring the agriculture industry to use it would put growers at a disadvantage.


Hawaii Withdraws from NIMA; Clearinghouse to Be Launched

Hawaii has withdrawn from the Non-Admitted Insurance Multi-State Agreement (NIMA), leaving that coalition with only seven members.


Study:  Ex-U.S. lawmaker lobbyists put more unused campaign cash back into politics

U.S. lawmakers who retire to become lobbyists are much more likely than other former politicians to use their leftover campaign money for political uses, according to a new study reported by The Washington Post.



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