Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Friday, June 03, 2016

Jun 3, 2016


Florida Homeowners in Untested, but Financially Stable Climate Entering Hurricane Season

Many homeowners are newbies at assembling a hurricane kit, let alone evacuating or filing damage claims. Many insurance companies writing their policies are also relatively new.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Jeff Harrington reports.


No Hurricanes in Florida, so Why the Insurance Hikes?

As Florida buckles down for the 2016 Hurricane Season, insurance prices are starting to go up, and at least one insurance official says the increases are due to the perfect storm of issues.  Linda Figueredo reports for


Defying Ban, Florida Stores Ease Access to Imported Medications

A hardy market for imported low-cost prescription drugs has taken root in Florida, nourished by older Americans and tolerant regulators.  Phil Galewitz of Kaiser Health News reports via CNN.


Planned Parenthood Sues Florida over New Abortion Law

“We have a message for Politicians in Florida, and across the country,” says Planned Parenthood. “You cannot strip health care from thousands of people and expect to get away with it.” reports.


Florida Justices OK Lawsuit over False Bank Robbery Report

In a case that started with a man going to a bank to cash a $100 check, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday cleared the way for lawsuits by people who get injured because of “reckless” false reports about criminal activity.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Jim Saunders reports via


State of Florida to Pay Nearly $500K in Same-Sex Marriage Legal Fees

Florida taxpayers are on the hook for almost $500,000 in fees to lawyers who successfully challenged the state’s prohibition against same-sex marriage, THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA’s Dara Kam reports via


A Feverish Political Fight over Zika

Mosquitoes are an annoying fact of life in Florida.  Now, they might also be carrying the next major political issue for the fall campaign.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via


Drivers Face Few Consequences for Cycling Fatalities

Few Florida drivers face criminal charges for accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians, even in the case of a death.  Caroline Glenn reports for


Everybody’s Talking about Tom Lee’s Political Future — Except Tom Lee

The Hillsborough County political class continues to await a decision by Florida Senator Tom Lee, R-Brandon, who — as of the end of the week — was still wrestling with a tough decision about his political future.  Tampa Bay Times columnist William March explains.


Lapsed Insurance Payment Plan Bill Headed to Louisiana Governor’s Desk

A Baton Rouge lawmaker’s bid to create payment plans for people struggling to pay unpaid fines from lapsed car insurance coverage is headed to the Governor’s desk.  The Associated Press’ Megan Trimble reports via The Olympian.


Court Upholds Law on Repealing Tax Exemption in Panama Commons Case
The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against an affordable-housing developer in a dispute about a 2013 law that repealed a Panama City property-tax exemption.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via the Panama City News-Herald. 




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