Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, January 13

Jan 13, 2012


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


Florida’s 2011 Regular Legislative Session

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Daily Insurance-Related News


Surplus lines bill to shrink Citizens Property Insurance moving swiftly through Legislature

A bill to allow out-of-state surplus lines property insurance companies to take over policies of Citizens Property Insurance Corp. passed through two committees Thursday – one in the House, one in the Senate – and is now headed to the floor in both chambers, despite objections from some lawmakers that it does not include enough protections for consumers.


Florida and Virginia Outpace 16 Other States in Building Code Report

A report ranking the 18 most hurricane-prone states by their adoption of building codes placed Florida and Virginia at the top of the list.


Florida Governor Rick Scott Supports Bill Forcing Accident Victims to Emergency Rooms

A bill that would force all accident victims to go to emergency rooms instead of their family doctor, even for minor injuries, cleared a Florida House subcommittee on Wednesday.


Blog:  Florida Senator Joe Negron sez no 2 ‘Dnt txt n drv’ bill

Texting while driving would be a new moving violation under a bill approved by a Senate committee this morning over the objections of Senator Joe Negron, who said distracted drivers can already be punished under existing law.


Proposed Florida law would alert parents of teen tickets

Many of us behave better when we know someone is watching.


Florida Supreme court rules against hospital on documents

The Florida Supreme Court today rejected arguments by a Pensacola hospital in a legal battle about turning over documents to an injured woman’s attorneys.


Florida Senate committee stalls hospital sale bill while a House subcommittee passes it unanimously

Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater or a circuit court judge?


Former officials of WellCare Health Plans charged with fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed fraud and insider trading charges against three former executives of Florida-based WellCare Health Plans Inc., according to the Corporate Counsel website.


Florida says it will close 11 correctional facilities

The state of Florida is closing seven of its state prisons and four work camps for a savings of roughly $90 million through 2013.


Bill to give Governor Rick Scott more discretion over workforce boards advances in House

If it becomes law, the measure would allow the governor to fire for cause the individual members or the executive director of workforce boards.


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi opinion could render slot referendums moot

The attorney general says that a state law passed in 2009 does not allow slot machines outside of Miami-Dade and Broward counties without legislation from lawmakers specifically authorizing a referendum in a given county.


Blog:  Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam unveils ideas for Florida’s energy policy

It’s time Florida put a premium on energy diversity, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam told state lawmakers Thursday.


Blog:  Majority Leader Andy Gardiner v. Senator Jack Latvala = Chamber/Disney v. labor/lawyers

The quietly brewing Senate presidency race between Majority Leader Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, and Senator Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, has quickly become a litmus test between interest-groups with major sway in the chamber now and those that would like to get it back.


Nebraska Bows Out of the Nonadmitted Insurance Multistate Agreement

Nebraska has dropped out of the Nonadmitted Insurance Multistate Agreement, or NIMA, the compact for parceling out surplus line premiums.


Government Accountability Office Study Backs Clarification of Risk Retention Group Legislation

The Government Accountability Office has recommended that Congress pass legislation clarifying certain provisions of the Liability Risk Retention Act, including registration requirements, fees and coverage.


Federal Insurance Office Director Michael McRaith:  Duplicate Data Concerns Not Well-Founded

Michael T. McRaith, director of the Federal Insurance Office, said he is aware of anxiety that his office will be asking for duplicate data, bogging the insurance industry down in paperwork for what has been perceived as, potentially, an additional regulatory authority.



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