Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report – Friday, January 12, 2018

Jan 12, 2018

Sean Shaw Expected to Announce for Attorney General

If he enters the Race, Shaw will be the fourth Candidate in the crowded field from Hillsborough County.  The Tampa Bay Times’ William March reports.

Three Sailboats Flung Into Yard by Irma go Back In The Water — but The Biggest One Remains

Three of the Four Boats — unwelcome guests who overstayed their welcome — were finally placed back in the water Thursday by an ingenious Landscaper who used the same crane he uses to right trees.   The Miami Herald’s Linda Robertson reports.

Florida Officials Quick to React to Trump’s “S—Hole” Countries Remark

The State is home to a lot of people from struggling Countries, like Haiti and El Salvador.  The Tampa Bay Times’ Alex Leary reports for “The Buzz” blog.

How One Congressional Race Could Oust Five Miami Politicians If Florida Bill Passes

The Bill, which passed another Committee Thursday on its way to a Floor Vote, would expand Florida’s existing “Resign-to-Run” Rule to cover both State and Federal Offices.   The Miami Herald’s Doug Hanks and David Smiley report.

Florida Politicians Are Courting Displaced Puerto Ricans. 

Rick Scott, who has visited the Island twice since the Hurricane, appears to have amplified efforts in the new year to address the problems facing Puerto Ricans both in Florida and on the Island.  The Miami Herald’s David Smiley reports.

Florida House:  Hand Over Records From Emeril’s Show Now

The House Voted Thursday to issue a Subpoena for the Records.  The Associated Press reports.

Environmental Constitutional Amendment Defeated

One of the State’s Leading Business Lobbies is cheering the defeat of a Proposed Constitutional Amendment that would have expanded the right to bring Environmental-Related Lawsuits. reports.

Voter Proposal Would End Electricity Monopolies And Create Choice

Members of the Constitution Revision Commission will Vote Friday on whether to allow Floridians to Vote on being able to choose their Electricity Provider.  The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas reports.

Florida Senate Approves Financial Literacy Requirement

The Florida Senate on Thursday Unanimously Approved a Proposal that would require High-School Students to Pass a Financial-Literacy Course.  THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA reports via WJXT.

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