Capitol to Courthouse Florida Insurance Report: Friday, December 21, 2015

Dec 14, 2015


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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events

There are no insurance-related events scheduled for today.


Daily Florida Insurance-Related News

Florida property owners fleeing National Flood Insurance Program

Florida ranks as the state with the most flood policies, small wonder given the vast shoreline and hurricane history, the Bradenton Herald Editorial Board writes.


As Florida Keys flood, property worries seep in

As much as $15 billion could be lost in Florida property by 2030, Kerry Sheridan reports via


Cape Coral gets state money for windstorm retrofits

By securing the home against a windstorm, home owners will see their monthly insurance premiums fall and nearby homes will see their security increase, Frank Bumb reports for the Ft. Myers News-Press.

Trial over Florida Senate maps begins with 29 incumbents in limbo

The weeklong redistricting trial scheduled to begin in a Tallahassee courtroom Monday will determine the fate of Florida’s 40 Senate districts and the future of the 29 incumbents seeking re-election.  The Miami Herald’s Mary Ellen Klas reports.


Florida officials begin work to pass complicated transportation package

Passing a hulking legislative package for the Florida Department of Transportation each year is a 50-50 proposition,’s Matt Dixon reports.


Proposed changes to Florida divorce laws gain strength – and opposition

The emotional, contentious issue of changing Florida’s alimony law is heading for another try in the Legislature, Lloyd Dunkelberger reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Florida Gave Charter Schools Millions Before They Closed But Recovered Little

Less than a mile from the state Capitol, a former steakhouse shows little evidence that it was once part of a movement to change Florida’s schools, the Associated Press reports via WUSF.


The Miami phenomenon:  City’s condos draw the world to Florida

Miami, its skyline studded with glittering skyscrapers and civic buildings designed by the world’s “star-chitects,” has been called “The Manhattan of Latin America.”  Harold Bubil reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.


Bartered sex, corruption and cover-ups behind bars in nation’s largest women’s prison

Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institution, a state prison that houses the five women on Florida’s Death Row – and has the distinction of being the largest women’s prison in the United States.


Entrepreneurs Raise $13 Million to “Reinvent” U.S. Property and Casualty Insurance with Peer-to-Peer Insurer

The U.S. property/casualty insurance industry is about to be tested directly by the sharing economy, Insurance Journal’s Andrew G. Simpson reports.




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