Capitol to Courthouse Daily Florida Insurance Report: Friday, February 25

Feb 25, 2011



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Daily Florida Insurance-Related Events


    There are no insurance-related events scheduled for today.



    Daily Florida Insurance-Related Bills Filed for 2011


    HB 967 relating to Personal Injury Protection by State Representative Mike Horner

    HB 967 would provide that circuit courts have exclusive original jurisdiction over unresolved arbitration actions involving Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law.  Should it become law, HB 967 would require requests for the disclosure of certain information to be by certified mail.  It also would revise reference to Medicare Part B payments as a schedule for an insurer’s discretionary use when limiting reimbursement of certain medical services, supplies and care.  It also specifies the Medicare fee schedule or payment limitation that is to be used by an insurer to limit reimbursements.  HB 967 would require both policyholders and any assignee to cooperate under the terms of the applicable policy and require an assignee provider to submit to an examination under oath, the recording of which would be authorized. The bill would further require a provider to produce certain knowledgeable individuals for examination and require certain records to be provided by claimants for inspection.   Certain actions by an insurer would constitute unfair and deceptive trade practices under the provisions of the bill, which subjects insurers to penalties for these practices.  HB 967 would create a presumption relating to failing to appear for examination, as well as limit the amount of attorney’s fees.  Use of contingency risk multipliers would be prohibited.  Finally, HB 967 would authorize binding arbitration for dispute resolution and provide for the appeal of an arbitration award, as well as scope of review on appeal.  Effective date: upon becoming law



    Daily Insurance-Related News


    Lawmakers want to do away with plan to grade insurance companies

    Four years ago lawmakers included the report cards in major property insurance reforms.


    Blog:  Insurance companies sweet on Rick Scott?

    How else to explain not one but two pictures of Florida’s new governor on the front page of the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America web site?


    Blog:  Walter Dartland Co-Chairs PIP anti-fraud reform effort

    A statewide alliance of consumer advocates, insurers and government agencies is pursuing legislative reforms to save consumers money and crack down on rampant staged-accident rings that are looting Florida’s no-fault system and raising auto premiums for honest drivers.


    Groups Backing Senator Rene Garcia To Hold A Statewide Red Light Camera Day Of Protest

    The Florida Civil Rights Association issue the following statement in response to media reports on “South Florida officials say red light cameras too costly.”


    Hurricane-Resistant Window and Door Maker to Consolidate North Carolina Operations in Southwest Florida

    The hurricane-resistant window and door maker – bringing 400 jobs back to Southwest Florida, largely by consolidating its North Carolina plant in Venice – reported sales of $39 million, an increase of $3 million.


    Scott’s final rail rejection sparks fury

    An intense last-ditch effort to save high-speed rail in Florida collapsed Thursday with Governor Rick Scott rejecting the plan, and then angry lawmakers accused him of overstepping authority and threatened legal action.

    Lawsuits challenge Florida redistricting changes

    After a hard-fought political campaign, voters approved two measures last fall that would change how Florida’s congressional and legislative districts are drawn every decade.


    Senate could cap pension contributions at much lower rate than what Scott wants

    Saying that state workers, teachers and firefighters should know now how much money they will be asked to pay, a top state senator on Thursday proposed capping the amount that employees would be required to contribute to the state pension plan.


    Fight looming over future of prescription drug database

    A legislative fight could be brewing over the future of the state’s prescription drug database — even though the database is still not operational.

    Florida Attorney General wants to go back on restoring felon rights

    Attorney General Pam Bondi said Thursday that recent rule changes have made it too easy for nonviolent felons to get their civil rights restored after completing their sentences, and she wants to undo them. 

    Haridopolos:  Under modified revenue cap, lawmakers would have flexibility

    Senate President Mike Haridopolos responded Wednesday to criticism of the “Smart Cap” proposal he plans to pass during the first week of the upcoming legislative session.


    Blog:  Senate has big plans for session’s first week

    Senate Republicans say they are intent on making good on last fall’s campaign. promises – setting the stage for a highly partisan opening week of the 2011 Legislature.


    Blog:  Gingrich says Florida home to four potential 2012 veeps

    Former House Speaker and potential 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, arriving at tonight’s Palm Beach County GOP Lincoln Day dinner, says several Floridians could end up on the Republican presidential ballot next year.


    Blog:  Michele Bachmann heading to Florida

    Minnesota congresswoman, conservative bomb-thrower and potential 45th President of the United States of America Michele Bachman is scheduled to address south Florida tea party activists March 4 in Jupiter.


    Haridopolos let off the hook for ethics violation

    Senate President Mike Haridopolos was given a letter of admonishment by a Senate panel after admitting to an ethics violation for incorrectly filling out financial disclosure forms.

    Rate issue reviewed for Louisiana Citizens

    No major change expected in 9 percent plea

    Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said Wednesday his office is still reviewing a 9 percent rate increase sought by the state-run property insurance company and wants the agency to answer some questions before he makes a decision.


    New York Banking, Insurance Merger Details

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed state budget contains slightly more money for the new agency he wants to create.


    Insurers say Pennsylvania racketeering lawsuit should be dismissed

    A racketeering lawsuit brought by the ambulance industry against seven insurers should be dismissed because there is no evidence Highmark and the other insurance companies colluded on anything illegal, lawyers for the insurers said today in a motions hearing in Pittsburgh federal court.


    Passive homes offer something different

    Gary Filip builds houses for a living, so four years ago, when it came time to build his own, he wanted the greenest, most energy efficient home.



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