Delaware Insurance Commissioner urges Delawareans to file Irene-related immediately

Sep 1, 2011

The following news release was issued by the Office of Delaware Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart on September 1, 2011:

Commissioner Stewart urges Delawareans to file Irene-related claims immediately

Warns that delay could impede payment on claims, ned=ssary repars and return to normalcy


Delaware Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart made an urgent appeal today to Delawareans who suffered Irene-related damage but who have not yet filed a claim with their insurer. 

The Commissioner said, “If you think you incurred a storm-related loss, you need to take action now.  By waiting any longer you run the risk of having your claim disputed and you definitely run the risk of slowing down the repairs and a return to normalcy.”

Commissioner Stewart continued, “I know from my own past experience that storm-related circumstances or unfamiliarity with the insurance process are obstacles for some residents.  If you have suffered a storm-related loss and you do not know how to get the recovery process started, call my office at (800) 282 8611.  

The Department is in contact daily with the top 10 property and casualty insurance companies that write policies in Delaware. To date, Delawareans have made a total of 2,932 claims broken out as follows: 2,739 homeowner claims, 164 Auto Claims, 14 Commercial Claims, and 15 Flood Claims.

The top ten companies include:  Nationwide, Liberty Mutual Fire, Nationwide Mutual Fire, State Farm Fire and Casualty, USSA, Windsor Mount Joy, NGM Insurance Company, State Farm, Farmers Insurance Company, and Allstate.

Commissioner Stewart concluded, “If you have called your insurance company and haven’t been contacted or if you are experiencing a claims-related problem, call the Insurance Department Consumer Service hotline at (800) 282-8611 or visit our website at

It is important to get your claims reported and for the insurance companies to get checks in the hands of Delaware policy holders as soon as possible”.  The Commissioner reminded Delawareans that the Department is open for extended hours today until 8 pm and again next Wednesday and Thursday until 8 pm.