Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners — Wednesday, August 31

Aug 31, 2011


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Sun-Sentinel Special Section on Broward County Public Schools

Broward County Public Schools is the sixth largest public school system in the United States and the second largest in the state of Florida, comprising 231 traditional schools and 68 charter schools.


New task force working to find $3 billion in additional spending cuts

A new task force on government efficiency set to work today with a goal of recommending $3 billion in additional spending cuts to the Florida Legislature and “changing the culture” of state government.


My Word by State Representative Chris Dorworth:  Property tax cap good for business

Florida’s property-tax system isn’t perfect.


Declining Salaries Leave Florida Teachers with Low Morale, Exiting Profession

Stephanie Rothman has done the math.


Blog:  Florida teachers’ salaries continue descent; Should we vote for education commissioner?

The fine education writer out of Tallahassee, Lilly Rockwell, took an in-depth look at teachers’ salaries statewide and found that on average, they are making about $1,200 less a year than they were four years ago.


THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA:  Florida Senate bill would tax bottled water

A proposal to tax bottled water was filed Monday in the Florida Senate, re-igniting a water war that has pitted Senator Evelyn Lynn against bottlers and business groups.


Senator wants voters to pick Florida’s education commissioner

Senator Joe Negron criticizes the current system of having an appointed education commissioner.


Florida Agriculture Commissioner Putnam names directors to take over new school nutrition, energy programs

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam named Congressional policy veteran Patrick Sheehan to serve as director of the Office of Energy and Robin Safley, a regular on the “The Usual Suspects” television political talk show, to head up school nutrition programs.


Florida Communities Trust awards grants despite demise of Florida Forever program

Governor Rick Scott in June vetoed $305 million in spending authority for Florida Forever. But one program has some money left over because other projects were cheaper due to declining land prices.



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