Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–May 1

May 1, 2009

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Property tax payment plan is sent to Crist

Proposal would give counties option of letting owners pay taxes in installments

The state Legislature has passed a proposal that would give counties the option of letting property owners pay their tax bills in installments after they are received in November.


Property insurance rates likely to rise

Your property insurance rates may be rising based on decisions Florida lawmakers will make in the next two days.


Editorial: Property insurance: Florida’s future is at stake

On the long list of important topics being debated by the Legislature, the most important for Florida’s future is the debate over property insurance reform. Our current system is broken and jeopardizes Florida’s future.


Florida Passes Bill Giving Insurance Firms Credit for School Vouchers

A bill to strengthen a private school voucher program for children from low-income families is going to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.


‘Stay tuned’ for showdown in the Legislature

Crossing their fingers and hoping for a smooth landing, House Speaker Larry Cretul and Senate President Jeff Atwater broke a stalemate over a $65 billion austerity budget and agreed to extend the 60-day session.


Much remains for lawmakers to decide in extended session

Prescription drug fraud. Phone rates. Worker’s compensation. Citizens Property Insurance. Commuter rail in Central Florida.


Gambling deal unlikely to be reached

Though they’re raising fees and taxes to fill a budget hole, state lawmakers appear likely to reject at least $355 million from gambling interests because they’re struggling to find common ground.


Dade voters may get chance to end tax

A proposal aimed at giving voters a chance to end the controversial transit tax goes before Miami-Dade County commissioners next week.

After squandered millions and failed promises to deliver new rail lines and busways, is it time to end Miami-Dade’s half-penny sales tax for transit?


Sales tax increase looms for Duval County

A bill to allow a half-cent sales tax increase in Duval County for indigent health care at Shands Jacksonville sailed through the House on Wednesday, sending the measure to Gov. Charlie Crist.


House passes bill to ease Fla. growth limits

The House has passed a bill Florida’s top planning official says would undermine the state’s growth management laws.


UM, other researchers announce breakthrough in identifying Autism gene

Autism researchers at UM and other universities announced a genetic breakthrough that could lead to improved treatment and prevention of the disorder.

Researchers say they have found the first piece of the genetic puzzle that could lead to greatly improved diagnosis, treatment and even prevention of autism.


Florida‘s fourth-graders show biggest writing FCAT leap

Florida’s youngest writers showed the most improvement statewide on the writing portion of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, while high schoolers struggled, according to results released Thursday morning.


Effort to boost high-school standards fails

The first major piece of education legislation declared dead this session is the push to raise graduation standards for high school students.


Fla. Budget Threatens Online Education Mandate

As Florida school districts scramble to meet a looming state mandate to offer full-time online instruction for K-8 students, and as high school enrollments in such courses continue to climb, lawmakers are mulling restrictions and budget cuts for the state’s nationally known virtual school.


Charter schools face new rules

Florida’s 360-plus charter schools face greater accountability after the state House passed a bill Wednesday that would, among other things, prevent charters from hiring relatives and also cut their business ties with administrators and directors.


Budget dims allure of Bright Futures

Bright Futures, the popular scholarship program for state colleges and universities, won’t cover the 8-percent tuition increase that lawmakers are building into their $65 billion spending plan next year, a $42 million tab that lawmakers say the state can’t cover.


Cutting jobs, raising health insurance premiums among ideas Martin School Board considering

Schools Superintendent Nancy Kline said she was trying to better include elected School Board members in decisions on how to cut between $9 million and $14 million from next year’s budget, when she asked them to check off on a list of strategies that included eliminating some jobs.


South Florida schools take swine flu precautions

South Florida’s schools and day-care centers are taking precautions and preaching the gospel of good hygiene, as concerns over swine flu escalate.


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