Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–July 8

Jul 8, 2010

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Blog:  Crist calls special session to ban offshore drilling

Gov. Charlie Crist said Thursday he’s calling a special session of the Legislature in less than two weeks and will ask lawmakers to consider a proposed constitutional amendment to ban offshore oil drilling. His proclamation sets the session dates as July 20-23. 


Feds sign off on Seminole gaming agreement in Fla.

The Seminole Indian tribe’s latest agreement to operate blackjack in Florida has been approved by the federal government, ending years of tense ambiguity.


Blog:  Fort Lauderdale tax rates won’t go up

Property tax rates for Fort Lauderdale residents will remain the same next year.


Miami-Dade budget proposal cuts 1,200 positions, holds property tax revenues flat

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez, confronting the toughest financial challenge of his administration, proposed a 2010-11 budget Wednesday that would hold property tax revenues flat by adopting essentially a so-called ”rollback” rate.


Jacksonville mayor plans to propose another 9 percent property tax hike

The higher rate would mean about a $79 increase in the average-value home in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton will propose a 9 percent increase to the city’s property tax rate, a move he says is necessary to combat sinking property values.


New Governor-Appointed Lee Commissioner Opposes Property Tax Rate Increase

John Manning, the new Lee Co. Commissioner, says he opposes an increase in the property tax rate.    The county approved an increase two days ago, to help balance the budget for the coming year.


Bay County School Board forges ahead with tax proposal

Despite a state senator and two Bay County Commissioners speaking out Tuesday against the idea of a proposed half-cent sales tax, School Board members are continuing a soft push to urge passage of the tax.


Palm Beach County teachers union declares impasse

Contract talks end Thursday with a call for a special magistrate to hear salary dispute

Palm Beach County teacher contract talks ended Thursday with the union declaring an impasse after a yearlong salary dispute with the school district.


Monroe School Board delays decision on changing pay

The Monroe County School Board has delayed approving a new way of determining salaries for administrators that would replace the current tenure-based system and allow for merit pay and incentives.


Pasco schools could see caps, lotteries as class-size rules get tighter

For many Pasco residents, the class-size amendment has been an abstract concept tucked away in the Florida Constitution.


Class-size woes: Seminole disruptions are a blueprint of what’s to come

Seminole County parents are being told to expect the unexpected this fall – including a lot of students and teachers on the move – as public schools carry out the final step of Florida’s controversial class-size law.


Threatened cutbacks to state’s early retirement plan prompts many to sign up

Thousands of public employees across Florida have flocked to a lucrative retirement program in advance of a new law making it harder for employees to draw pensions while still working.


Judge throws Legislature’s redistricting amendment off November ballot 

The Legislature’s decision to counter the Fair Districts Florida redistricting amendment with its own was declared misleading by Judge James Shelfer, who tossed it off the ballot.


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