Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–January 20

Jan 20, 2009



Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States today.  Click here to read the text of his Inaugural Address


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Where Obama stands on Florida issues

Here’s the latest on how the new president has said he will deal with some issues of importance to Floridians:


States eye Obama rescue plan

Authorities predict states could face $145 billion in combined budget shortfalls in 2010

As Congress readies an $850 billion economic-stimulus package, state legislatures, bound by balanced-budget mandates, are slashing billions in state spending.


U.S. House bill would pump millions into S. Fla. schools

After calling on the U.S. government to rescue public schools, South Florida superintendents expressed support for a House bill intended to do just that.

The economic recovery bill proposed on Thursday by U.S. House Democrats would pump billions of dollars into public education — and could spell relief for struggling local school districts.


Florida’s budget squeeze spurs talk of tax hikes

As the state budget is cut because of revenue shortfalls, Republican leaders are breaking with tradition to discuss ways to raise taxes and close loopholes.

Florida’s threadbare state budget, cut by more than $8 billion since July 2007, has Republican legislators talking about what until now has been reviled as heresy: raising taxes.


Experts fear cutting Florida’s budget could worsen economy

As Congress readies an $850 billion economic-stimulus package, state legislatures – bound by balanced-budget mandates – are slashing billions in state spending.


COLUMN:  Crist, Legislature inhabit separate realities

State Rep. Anitere Flores was exactly right. The Republicans who run the Florida Legislature and the Republican who commands the governor’s office are living in two different worlds.


OPINION:  Florida’s ‘paramount’ duty

It’s sad when a $3.7 million mid-year cut for local schools is considered good news, but that’s apparently the political reality here in Florida.


COLUMN:  Bailout? Close Florida’s tax loopholes first

The worst thing Barack Obama could do for Florida is bail us out.


Florida’s state management agency has new oversight provisions

The State Board of Administration manages the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.

Here’s a trivia question: What state agency manages the billions of dollars in Florida employees’ pension fund, a property insurance fund, part of the prepaid college tuition plan, research dollars for healthcare programs for children and the elderly?


Florida driver’s license settlement:  $2.9M for lawyers, $1 for you

Cash-strapped Florida will shell out $10.4 million to settle a suit that reimburses state drivers $1 each.

 Facing a $3.5 billion deficit next year, Florida desperately needs all the money it can get. But millions more will disappear because the state has settled a lawsuit that affects millions of motorists.


Magistrate mulls impasse between Broward teachers, school district

Broward’s public school teachers started 2009 without a new contract, as the school district and teachers’ union remain locked in a fight over raises.


Report:  Bright Futures scholarship needs to be ‘fine-tuned’

The popular Bright Futures college scholarship has failed to meet some of its intended goals and, in a time of recession, the state should overhaul it, a report urges.


Final vote on Florida Marlins stadium delayed

A final vote on contracts for a Florida Marlins stadium was put off until next month, in part to address concerns the process has been rushed.

A package of votes by Miami and Miami-Dade commissioners that could lead to a new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins has been pushed back until next month. The votes were initially scheduled for Thursday.


Palm Beach Co. schools brace for possible layoffs in ’09-10

Palm Beach County school administrators are offering a telling caveat to anyone hired by the district this school year: ‘There would be no assurances for next year,’ said Chief Operating Officer Joe Moore. ‘We’re trying to put everything in place so we can protect people who’ve been with us for a while.’ In other words, school district administrators are bracing for layoffs.


Thousands of uninsured Collier students turn to school nurses, experts say

Beyond bandages and fevers, Collier County students often rely on their school nurses for health-care because they don’t have medical insurance.


Budget Reductions Spare Private Schools – for Now

Private colleges in Polk County will not suffer any immediate ill effects from state budget cuts made recently at a special session of the Florida Legislature.


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