Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–December 22

Dec 22, 2009



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Beach leaseholders on hook for property tax

Beach residential property owners now must pay a total of $20 million in back taxes after losing a lawsuit against Escambia County.


Florida teachers union trying to block $700M in federal education grants

When schools faced a budgetary evisceration this year, the Florida Education Association – the state teachers union – pressed for a penny increase in the sales tax.


Red-light camera idea being pushed as revenue source for Pasco social services

In just 18 months Port Richey pocketed around $250,000 from red-light runners caught on camera at U.S. 19 and Ridge Road.


Editorial:   Protect state funds

With more than $100 billion in investments, Florida has the nation’s fourth-largest pension fund.


Thousands of Lee County bankruptcies flood courts

Besieged by a 13.9 percent unemployment rate and myriad foreclosures, Lee County residents are declaring bankruptcy in record numbers.


Busiest Central Florida home builders offering lower price points

Nine of the top 10 production-home builders in the Orlando area have houses priced from less than $200,000, including four offering new homes for less than $150,000, according to a quarterly report from Charles Wayne Consulting.


Cubs would strike out seeking property or tourist tax money for Naples-area stadium, some Collier commissioners say

Gary Price, a partner in Fifth Avenue Advisors, one of two groups pushing to bring the Cubs to Collier County, said this morning the group would not use property tax or sales tax to fund a spring training facility.


VPK enrollment is growing across Manatee and Florida

The signs are everywhere.

“VPK HERE,” they read outside schools with names like Grasshopper Academy, Tiny Tots University and Busy Bee Learning Academy.


Class days run longer

Schools give increased learning time a try.


Crist could improve his ranking of Florida schools

Gov. Charlie Crist says Florida has a good story to tell when it comes to K-12 education.


Health costs rise for Lee County school workers

School district workers who choose the higher-end family health insurance plan soon will have almost a thousand dollars less spending money each month.


Why having student accident coverage in Florida can be smart move

The state of Florida has 67 county school districts. Some school boards purchase student accident insurance to cover the entire school district student population.


Florida job rolls take a hit amid recession

Prison, health employees up, but cuts made in other agencies

The recession has state government employees clinging to their jobs as Florida legislators cut job rolls.


Hawaii Governor:  Use hotel tax money for state budget

Faced with a $1.2 billion budget gap, Gov. Linda Lingle on Monday proposed the state take about $100 million in hotel taxes from Hawaii’s four counties next year and delay the payment of some personal and corporate income tax refunds.


Editorial:  Florida’s zero judgment in schools

It was called a zero-tolerance policy, but as time went on, it looked more and more like a zero-judgment policy.


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