Broward Schools & Property Tax Edition: Capitol to Courthouse Headliners–August 11

Aug 11, 2009


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Pembroke Pines’ charter schools face $2.1 million shortfall

From afar, Pembroke Pines’ charter schools look like a parent’s dream, with small classes, high marks and active family involvement.


Florida last in stimulus spending

Gov. Charlie Crist, hailed as a model of bipartisanship when he reached across the aisle to support President Obama’s economic stimulus plan, now faces criticism for failing to aggressively secure and spend Florida’s share of the federal bailout.


Florida loses population for the first time since World War II

The growth state is officially shrinking.

Hit by a double-whammy of the housing crash and the recession, Florida has lost population for the first time since the demobilization of hundreds of thousands of soldiers after World War II.


State revenues $46 million in the black — for now

Shortly after Gov. Charlie Crist warned about getting too optimistic about a slight uptick in state revenues, one of his top budget lieutenants was arguing that the financial outlook should be a great deal better than legislative experts were willing to predict.


Florida counties seek uncollected taxes

Leon, Gadsden, Wakulla’s efforts have seen varying degrees of success

Collecting every dollar of property tax makes dollars and sense for many local governments.


COLUMN:  National recession is over? Either way, Florida’s recovery will be slow

Ding dong! The recession’s dead. Wake up, sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed. Wake up, the recession’s dead. It’s gone where the goblins go. Below – below – below.


COLUMN:  State’s pension fund bent but didn’t break

Startling statistics can make us sit up and take notice, but sometimes there’s a lot less to them than meets the eye.


Schools pass over laid-off teachers when jobs open up

A lot of principals, under a new accountability program, can only hire teachers with a proven record of boosting student achievement, a school official says.

It’s not a good time to be a new teacher in Florida.


Martin sees value of tax adjustments highest in recent years

The value of adjustments to residences and businesses in the county last year is the highest the county has seen in recent years, according to officials, mainly because of the steep decline in property values.


Broward School Board proposes extending superintendent’s contract

Calling it a show of confidence in uneasy economic times, Broward School Board members said Tuesday they want to extend Superintendent Jim Notter’s contract another three years — defying a repeated call by the Broward Teachers Union that Notter be fired.


Duval School Board Member Stan Jordan resigns to run for state Senate

Duval County School Board member Stan Jordan announced Monday he will join a field of Republicans looking to fill the state Senate seat of late Jim King.


For Cost-Cutting States, Next Year Could Be Bleaker Still

As states across the country grapple with the worst economy in decades, most have cut services, forced workers to take unpaid days off, shut offices several days a month and scrambled to find new sources of revenue.


Florida college students pay price for changes to Bright Futures scholarships

The popular Bright Futures scholarship program is now worth less and carries more financial penalties than ever before, prompting significant concerns among Florida university officials about the impact to students — particularly those from lower-income families.


Leonard Britton | Former superintendent led schools in difficult times

Leonard Britton, superintendent of Miami-Dade County schools through much of the turbulent ’80s, has died.

Leonard Britton, who, as superintendent of the Miami-Dade school district, was at the helm when riots forced the schools to close and the Mariel boatlifts brought thousands of children all at once to Miami’s shores, died Sunday in Los Angeles.


Florida Cabinet Appoints Tom Cardwell As New Office Of Financial Regulation Commissioner

The Financial Services Commission, comprised of the governor and Cabinet members, today appointed J. Thomas Cardwell as the new Commissioner of the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.


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