Bill Action by Florida Governor Rick Scott–June 20, 2014

Jun 20, 2014


Rick Scott, Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Legislature


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today Governor Rick Scott announced he has signed the following bills into law:


HB 41 Florida Law Enforcement Officers’ Hall of Fame

This bill institutes a Law Enforcement Hall of Fame at the State’s Capitol.


HB 53 Inmate Reentry

This bill relates to persons released from state prison.


HB 59 Offenses Against Unborn Children

This bill establishes criminal penalties for injuries or death to an unborn child.


HB 89 Threatened Use of Force

This bill relates to state self-defense laws.


SB 132 Specialty License Plates

This bill creates and modifies several specialty license plates.


HB 175 Emergency Communication System

This bill lowers the E911 fee from 50 to 40 cents.


HB 177 Public Record/Prepaid Wireless E911 Fee

This bill relates to a phone company’s proprietary information.


SB 218 Transportation

This bill relates to the relocation of utility lines and signage.


SB 226 Public Records/Automated License Plate Recognition Systems Exemption

This bill relates to images obtained from automatic license plate recognition systems.


HB 227 Victims of Wrongful Incarceration

This bill is relates to incarceration.


SB 230 Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority

This bill relates to the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority (OOCEA).


SB 238 Public Records/Names of Spouses and Children of Public Defenders and Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel

This bill relates to the public record disclosure of certain court officials and their families.


SB 260 Unaccompanied Homeless Youths

The bill relates to homeless youth and medical treatment.


SB 280 Public Records/Participants in Treatment-based Drug Court Programs

This bill relates to records and drug court treatment.


SB 286 Concrete Masonry Education

This bill relates to the field of concrete masonry in Florida.


HB 343 Rental Car Surcharge

This bill relates to rental cars with car-sharing service agreements.


SB 360 Sentencing for Controlled Substance Violations

This bill relates to the weight thresholds and controlled substances.


SB 366 Public Records/Trade Secrets/Computers

This bill relates to records and trade secrets and intellectual property.


SB 374 Growth Management

This bill relates to initiatives or referendum processes for local comprehensive plans.

SB 398 Florida Tourism Hall of Fame

This bill relates to the Florida Tourism Hall of Fame.


HB 409 Offenses Against Vulnerable Persons

This bill increases penalties for exploitation and identify theft crimes.


SB 424 Discriminatory Insurance Practices

This bill prohibits discrimination against an insurance applicant or insured on the basis of lawful possession or ownership of a firearm or ammunition. 


HB 427 Traveling Across County Lines to Commit a Burglary

This bill relates to persons who commit burglary outside of their resident county.  


HB 485 Sexual Offenses Against Students by Authority Figures

This bill increases sex offense penalties committed against students.


HB 513 State Poet Laureate

This bill establishes the honorary position of State Poet Laureate.

HB 517 Fraudulent Controlled Substance Prescriptions

This bill increases criminal penalties for unlawful use of prescription forms.


HB 523 Licensure to Carry a Concealed Weapon or Firearm

This bill relates to concealed firearm applications.


HB 525 Public Records/Personal Identifying Information/ Licensure to Carry Concealed Weapon or Firearm

This bill relates to concealed weapon applications.


HB 627 Service of Process

This bill relates to sheriffs and summons or writ for service of process. 


HB 641 Computer Crimes

This bill relates to the definition of and penalties resulting from computer related crimes.


HB 685 Business Organizations

This bill allows for the creation of “social purpose” corporations.

SB 754 Certificates of Title

This bill relates to salvage certificates of title (salvage title) and certificates of destruction (COD) on a total loss motor vehicle.


HB 781 Legal Notices

This bill relates to legal notices and websites.


HB 797 Clerks of Court

This bill relates to practices of the clerk of courts.


SB 820 Transportation Facility Designations

This bill relates to honorary designations of various transportation roads and facilities.


SB 828 Court System

This bill repeals and modifies outdated laws in the court system.


SB 846 Governmental Ethics

The bill relates to the state Code of Ethics.


SB 850 Education

This bill relates to K-12 education, CAPE, and students with disabilities.


SB 858 OGSR/Florida Defense Support Task Force

This bill relates to records of the Florida Defense Support Task Force.


HB 863 Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

This bill relates to motor vehicle crash reports.

HB 865 Public Records/Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

This bill relates to the records for motor vehicle crash reports.


HB 979 Homelessness

This bill relates to assistance for organizations providing housing and related services to the homeless.


SB 996 OGSR/Scripps Florida Funding Corporation

This bill relates to the Scripps Florida Funding Corporation.


SB 1024 Off-highway Vehicles

This bill relates to “all-terrain vehicles” (ATV) and “recreational off-highway vehicles” (ROV).


SB 1140 Public Records/Division of Emergency Management/Emergency Planning

This bill relates to records and emergency planning.


HB 1161 Department of Transportation

This bill relates to DOT and wireless communications facilities.


SB 1524 Security of Confidential Personal Information

This bill relates to the protection of personal information.


SB 1526 Public Records/Department of Legal Affairs

This bill relates to information received by the Department of Legal Affairs.


SB 1636 Renaming the Parole Commission

This bill renames the Florida Parole Commission.


HB 7005 Transportation

This bill relates to driving privileges and disabled drivers.


HB 7007 Public Records/Payment of Tolls and Associated Charges

This bill relates to records and payment of tolls.


HB 7023 Economic Development

This bill relates to Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). 


HB 7029 Code of Student Conduct

This bill relates to student activities on school property.


HB 7035 Juvenile Sentencing

This bill relates to sentencing requirements for juveniles.


HB 7073 Information Technology Governance

This bill creates the Agency for State Technology (AST).


HB 7163 Ratification of Rules/Department of Juvenile Justice

This bill relates to health care services in the Department of Juvenile Justice.      


HB 7175 Department of Transportation

This bill relates to policy and operations related to the Department of Transportation (DOT).